Chihana reinstated as Aford leader

Enock Chihana has been reinstated as Alliance for Democracy (Aford) president.

According to a consent order agreed by lawyers for Chihana and Aford members who obtained an injunction against him, even though his term expired Chihana will continue to lead Aford until the party holds a convention.

Enock Chihana: Reinstated as Aford leader.

The consent order dated December 22 which has also been signed by Justice Charles Mkandawire says Chihana should summon a meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party on December 27 this year where the party will agree on the date of the convention.

Mkandawire has however warned that failure by Chihana or other Aford members to comply with the order will mean contempt of court.

Chihana was stopped from carrying out his duties as Aford president following an injunction obtained by some senior members that include Dan Msowoya, secretary general Christopher Ritchie, Owen Mumba and Ernest Kanyanya.

The four were forced to use the courts after Chihana said the party will hold a convention in April and not December 16, 2017 as planned.



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