‘They want to poison me’ – Wandale


The self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Mulanje and Thyolo, who is also leader of People’s Land Organization (PLO), Vincent Wandale has expressed his fears of being poisoned at the Zomba mental hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Wandale was sent to the hospital a month ago for medication after it was established that he was mentally ill and needs to be treated.

Vincent Wandale

Vincent Wandale:  Living in fear

Writing on his Facebook post on December 20, Wandale alleged that he was forced to have medication at gun point.

“Feeling sad for being held at gun point to drink so called psychotic drugs without my consent today. Murder at Zomba Mental Hospital while the United Nations and human rights organisations watch. I am held guilty without trial. I am being detained for my political opinions. If God wills, let it be,” worried Wandale.

The post saw mixed reactions with the majority encouraging him not to worry.

Mike Kwakwalala said: “Go around the streets of Malawi and see how many mad people are walking around there. Who among these people has ever forced them to take treatment like Wandale?”

Osborne Sibande commented: “Sad. The hand of God is mightiest Vincent Wandale”

On the other hand some people said the post was an evidence that Wandale is really mad claiming there is no way a patient could deny taking medicine.

Francis Bôbbý Råÿ Bäñdå added that “You need to be treated, why refusing? That madness must remain in 2017.”





  1. I think you also who post this story of that man you need to see doctors why keeping on with this what gonna Malawians gain from this eeesh

  2. Wakwata kwa mphezi saopa kung’anima. Vin should just ask himself why he has been bulldozed to ZA mental hospital out of the 18,000,000 people who are in Malawi. The answer is simple, he might have a mental problem that needs urgent attention. Vin should just receive his treatment quietly.

  3. Wandale is NOT mentally ill…Remember the deaths of Matafale and Chasowa,, a Malawi ndife ogona that’s WY nkovuta kusintha ziko lathu. Am calling the opposition party leaders to look at this issue inside out and prove people wrong even if it means takn the poor guy out side Malawi just for a second opinion

  4. a Malawi tinafasa udyo kuteroku tizingoyang’ana chonchi uyu mpaka apita, pambuyo pake tizidzalankhula, aise wandale walotazo ndizoona yamba kulapa… Mulungu mwina achitapo kanthu….

  5. Mmmmm tooo bad bwino nazo izi anakaonesa ma results kwa ife a malawi bola koma alipo pano anaona medical report kuti he is indid mad? Mmmm i fil sorry fo him lyk seriously

  6. Ndi angat anachila misala omwe boma linawatumiza kuzomba mental health, nthawi ya bingiso anakokokola amisala tounimu lero ali mbwee ndimukilombana ndiwandale koma Malawi?

  7. kkkkkkk No matter ine ndi waku #Mj koma ngati m’kuluyu akukana kuti siwamisala nanga ku mental Hospitalko! amataniko analolelanji kupitako?kkkkkkkk.

  8. So some Malawians wish Wandale bad things? Two independent Doctors found Wandale normal! I believe DPP using that government doctor is just a ploy to get rid of Wandale! Examine issues, please.

  9. Boma silingamuphe mwachisawawa cos panopo Malawians know him..so if anything happens to him so sudden. .& all Wil point de government. ..so now they trying to kill him with a finger not a gun or brutality. ..Hahahah koma Peter

  10. Even if they poison you, they won’t kill u. Ur gods at Sapitwa on Mount Mulanje can’t let that happen. Don’t worry bro, they’ll fight for you until non of ur enemies is left

  11. BAMBO TADZILANDILANI MANKHWALA MUCHILE. Misala yasiyana ndi malungo. Malungo umaziwa kuti ndadwala pomwe misala ndizovuta. Angakupheni ndani poti mwaziwika chifukwa cha misalayo

  12. Mmmm Wandale ndi wamisaladi. Anadziwa bwanji kuti ndi poison. Kodi boma litafuna kumupha angavutike naye? Wandale akufunika chipatala chachikulu, Zomba is too small to overcome his illness.

  13. kill him u stupid politicians. .his blood will be counted on you…..someone killed Matafale one time and we still crying for his Intelligent in raggie music…and today you wamt to kill an innocent person again…what kind of politics is this Malawians?…

  14. Musiyeni rastaman guys ndinaonadi post ku timeline yake kut akuchita kumulozetsa mfuti kut amwe makhwara yet dotolo wakj america ananena kut wandale alibe thenda ya misala

  15. Why is the so called MUST president displaying the flag of Malawi on his desk? Indeed there is something wrong with his mental settings.

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