US bullies Malawi to vote ‘Jerusalem as capital of Israel’


Malawi refused to vote against United States of America’s declaration of Jerusalem as capital of Israel after President Donald Trump warned that he would cut aid.

Malawi and other United Nations (UN) members on Thursday voted on the status of Jerusalem following Trump administration’s decision to recognise the city as the Israeli capital and move its embassy to the city.

Trump : said US will cut aid to those voting against it

Members were voting in favour or against a UN resolution that says the final status of Jerusalem will be settled by negotiations involving Palestine and Israel – both countries consider Jerusalem their capital city.

At the end, 128 countries voted in favour of the resolution thus rejecting Trump’s decision, nine countries refused to condemn the United States as they voted against the resolution while 35 abstained from the vote.

Malawi was one of the countries that abstained from the vote. Others include Uganda, Argentina and Lesotho.

They were all applauded by US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley on Twitter.

“We appreciate these countries for not falling to the irresponsible ways of the @UN,” tweeted Haley of how countries had voted.

Before the vote, Haley had warned that the United States will be taking names of countries that will not support its decision on Jerusalem saying the US is tired of being taken for granted.

She said America expected those that receives aid from it to support its decision.

“At the UN we’re always asked to do more & give more. So, when we make a decision, at the will of the American people, about where to locate our embassy, we don’t expect those we’ve helped to target us. On Thurs there’ll be a vote criticizing our choice. The US will be taking names,” she warned in a tweet on Tuesday.

Her warning was echoed by Trump who said the US will cut aid to countries that would condemn his decision.

“They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t care,” he said.

Countries that rebuffed the US during the vote include Germany, United Kingdom France, Mozambique and Egypt.

The UN resolution demands that all countries comply with Security Council resolutions on the status of Jerusalem and not to recognise any actions or measures contrary to those resolutions.

It is however non-binding and does not carry the force of international law.



  1. The truth is Jelusalem was declared capital city of Israel by King David the Israelite in about 3000yrs ago after defeating the jebusites who were inhabiting in it. Throughout roman empire the Jews had been so defiant to the romans until the second Temple was destroyed 70yrs post Jesus’s prophesy and at one time the priests were barred from leading the religious affairs as they were thought to be the source of Jewish uprise against the romans. In around 637ad a Muslim caliph after defeating the roman byzantine empire he built Al-Aqsa mosque on the same place where the Jewish Temple was. Since Arabs don’t like Jews, under the Muslim rule Jews were oppressed so badly and the nation of Israel was completely ended until 1948 when it was refunded. Palestine’s are not Israelites, the true Israelites are the ones ruling Israel now. Jerusalem is their capital no question about it. They are the ones who first declared it not the so called palestines. To them the only basis of their aggressive world wide extremism is to claim part of Jerusalem as their capital, a thing they surely know true Israel will not tolerate. Trump is right and Malawi just did the right thing too. BRAVO Togo!!!!. The thing is we were not pushed by US threats because weare already in zero aid, but we were cornered by the truth. In Kamuzu era whenever their were news from Israel our radio station was referring Jerusalem to Israel a thing which was changed soon after we acquired multiparty. Jerusalem is for Israel and the philistines areas were Gaza, etc. They only took advantage of the romans, Muslim caliphs and the ottomans to inhabit the whole of Israel and

    1. Reading the article it seems Malawi was bullied thy abstained from voting where is their loyalty kikikikiki America at it again

  2. The war is still on coz some other third guy is watching from the corner, his eyes r on this Jerusalem, he wants it to be his capital as well, how sacred Jerusalem you are. The guy is Vatican.

  3. From the old ages Jerusalem belongs to Israel az its capital.moreover it has been choosed by Almity GOD,who are us then to deny the truth?

  4. About Israel Capital ; Before anything else is better reading the Holly Bible and will see that Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital. Its not something that has just been invented today, its from early times of human existence.
    On this issue its a very big mistake and not acceptable for Nikki Haley an American Ambassador to UN threatening other nations allegedly because of aid. Jerusalem is and will maintain Israel capital.

  5. One thing I like about Trump is that he is man of his words, no matter how many pple oppose his order,but he does not shift grounds,thats how powerful men are recongnised,Jerusalem is the capital of Israel,whether others recongnise it or not,thats for real

  6. The capital city of israel is telviv and the capital of palestine is jerusalem basi trump ndi osokoneza amalawi omwe alephera kuvota against ndi opanda nzeru komanso amantha,ngati pali munthu osokoneza pazikoli ndie ndi trump,mumone nkhope yache ija,abale tazichangamukani.

  7. Aaaaa a trump asatizuzepo apa Jerusalem is a holly city it is therefore wise to refrain from any habit that is of aim to impure it.. However as far as new world order have advanced into this age it is not strange to see why trump is pushing for a new capital in Jerusalem so that their freemasonic plans materialise. Kaya tonse tidzafa


  9. The help of Israel is from The Most High God! It’s sad that politically Malawi chooses to oppose what God wants and fights for what God hates! Playing around with so called human rights!……Malawi if you can’t support Israel for wherever reason, stop beaming debates on useless abortion/killing laws and LGBT abminations

  10. People are busy defending the mare historical Jerusalem forgeting the prophetic Jerusalem Ezekiel foresaw.Its the Jerusalem the 3rd temple will be rebuilt and only the chosen will #inherit.Try read Rev 21 for more info about that New Jerusalem.

  11. Vote for the Jerusalem that will come from heaven. Voting for the earthly Jerusalem is wrong. These are the same Jews that disobeyed God and eventually crucified his son Jesus. Granted they worship on the correct day but they wont acknowledge Jesus as their saviour and that is why God gave up on the chosen people.
    So my question is if God gave up on Israel then what motivates this modern israel? Just look at whats happening at that side of the world and you have your answer.
    Christians study the word and understand new jerusalem is coming. Dont give into worldly Israel it is not of God.

  12. Trump, blow your trumpet to other countries. And not to Malawi. Don’t take advantage of our poverty. Of what significant is Jerusalem or Israel to Malawi? Malawi is an independent state under UN charter. Don’t indoctrinate us!

  13. Am a 27 year old prophecy now for this is,indeed jerusalem is the capital city of israel,whether you like it or not.but the opotunity that is taken by america is not in a good hands.amelica is taking chances in need of power,as the devil need power to rule the word.and many people will agree with america for this because they grab inside the truth to brind people.but it will not happen.the powers that will make jerusalem to be israrites capita is for other nations not american.keep this prophesy.and africa will be the part of the new world.the who were walking in the road will walk in the bush and those who were in the bush will walk in the has been spoken and it shall is blessed,time is soon.

  14. Am glad most malawians here know the importance of standing with Israel, God bless you guys!! Hashem/God is watching you, and he’ll bless you mightly.

  15. For those people who know the promises of God, and his word, this was the perfect time to stand up for Israel, amalawi with all the sufferings being experienced in your land , this is the time to show solidarity, because in doing so, God has assured those that will bless the nation of Israel in blessing them, woe unto all the nations, that voted against Israel, vote or Not, Jerusalem remains the capital city of God here on earth, I stand with Israel!!

  16. Malawi is still a slavery country coz we stil rely on donnars to run this country that force us to say yes to every command, even if we can be asked to give blood or body parts to US, we wil do that. thats our stupidity

  17. Israel,America and their Bible ndilibe nazo tchito pa moyo wanga,ndimadya thukuta langa osati zopusazi ayi,asiyeni amalizane okha amenewo.

  18. ayi ayi ayi!!!! zisatikhudze kambilanani komweko ife zotiphweteketsa inu mukumwa cofee m’maofesi mwanu takana zikutheleni nokha zimezo

  19. Bravo! Malawi for supporting Israel, we as Pentecostal Churches do support America for fulfilling the Biblical prophecy! Sooner Jerusalem shall just not be a political capital of Israel but spiritual capital of the redeemed Church. You like it or not Jerusalem is for the Blessed Jewish Nation, and as a Pastor am glad to be a friend of Israel. 0843731304

  20. It’s pity that people support Israel becoz of what they read in the bible….These self claimed Israelites are not the ones you read in the Bible….They don’t even recognise Christianity nor do they believe in Jesus….Scientific research proofs Palestinians blood are the real descendants of Israelites….. The western media has lied so much don’t just grasp anything, do research my bros n sis to know the truth

  21. Many ppl never realise that these Israels of today arent those who the bible talked of , the truth is that Israels destruction has come so the prophesies can pass

  22. Supporting Trump’s decision is risky than cutting aid…..Trump is looking for a war with Muslims

  23. Cha chidziwikire kut JERUSALEM Its Holy City ndipo MULUNGU Mwini adachita kuusakha ekha becoz of sons of ABRAHAM And all christian so why can we vote for??? please dont wost our time for Ovious things like that… Enawo amange yawo town nde ampemphe mulungu wawoyo aupatule monga anaupatulirira JERUSALEM wathu …..JERUSALEM wathu tirekereni please mangani wanu….

  24. To my understanding it seems malawi is behind usa move,malawi refuse to vote against usa move,meaning to say someone was telling malawi not to vote for usa move for declaration of Jerusalem as israel capital,but malawi refuse their move and is behind usa move,I mean to my undestanding,can someone xool me if am wrong,becz I wonder most comments shows as if malawi is not behind usa,I think the author should now start use venacula language chichewa kkkkkkkkkk

  25. It is written in bible that Jerusalem is Israel s capital,but note one thing that this is belong to godly people,
    Do u think trump and netanyahu can lead Israel to the best not to the worst….

    Remember bible belongs to godly men not to drunkards like mr trump…

    1. Chifukwa choti iwe suchita nao mowa usaone ngati kuti enawo mngoyipa, I can give one example, Mfumu David anachitapo zinthu zina zomuyipla Yehova koma Mulungu sanamtaye ,anali nayebe,Davide samanyengelela anthu akamapanga zoyipa kapenanso kumuyipitsa Mulunguyo iye amakatha kuwapha kumene,so mukanena kuti ma drunkard no ways, Bible likunena bwino kuti ” CHOLOWA NKAMWA MWA MUNTHU SICHIYIPITSA MUNTHU,KOMA CHOTULUKA NDICHO” chifukwa cholowacho chimakatayidwa kuthengo,mchimbudzi komano chotuluka ndiye chowawa,pakamwa pamanena zambiri,zoona zina zonama,kudanitsa,mabodzawo,miseche zimene zili zoyipa

    2. God is a respector of no person!! He can use anything, anybody, for his purpose to be achieved, think of it, Trump indeed looks to be the most crazy president American has had, but he’s the one that has delivered that others wouldn’t!! God’s ways are not ours, not his plans! Ours.

  26. It is not about Trump. It is obout prophecy read Isaiah chapter 44: verse 28- and chapter 45 verse1- Trump is just fulfilling

  27. It is not about Trump. It is obout prophecy read Isaiah chapter 44: verse 28- and chapter 45 verse1- Trump is just fulfilling

  28. This decision is the fulfilment of the prophecy according to the Bible. USA has just been used as a messenger. All who shall stand against that makes God a liar.

  29. Bravo Malawi,we’re not slaves of America.We’re Malawi.America always preach about democracy,yet they are against democracy. We as Malawi have the right to remain silent or support anyone we want.Malawi does not belong to the foolish TRUMP,so go to hell with Mr.TRUMPet

  30. People the stuff is more than what we’re seeing with our naked eyes but this is more than what u can imargine …. Read the bible .

  31. It’s funny how pipo here love Israel. .Jews are very stingy. as far i knw these they don’t even care about other pipo especially u and me black pipo. ..Don’t just quote bible and think u knw these pipo….meet them or work with them u gonna tell me and what u shud knw is Jews they don’t recognise jesus christ as son of God leave alone the Messiah. .i was told this by another jew himself so don’t blah blah Israel this Israel that,

    1. so why shud i go around claiming that Jerusalem is my holy city when someone from there he don’t even knw what I’m talking about

    2. Irvin,the Jews were made stingy so that you & me may be saved,,,but there will come a time when all of the Jew will accept Jesus as the Messiah….I know the Jews reject Jesus but that can’t stop me from being a Christian….read the book of revelation and read it thoroughly and carefully.

    3. Thanks but i did not lost it completely it’s just that the whole system is confusing especially when travel around meeting different kind of pipo with different views it’s absorbing

  32. kamuzu mugabe thank you indian for supporting us americans they want to help as after that amatitengela zinthu zathu ndiwanthu wathu ehee … i dont like america

    1. WHAT IS USA TO MALAWIANS….its corrupt leaders that destroys Malawi….we wouldn’t be depending on other countries….and we love our country so peaceful full of nature with outr beautiful lake beautiful mountains…what you call village…its our pride….our beloved nation…full of peace….maybe travel to malawi again and see its beauty.

  33. Amalawi Bible mumawerenga,and mumanama kuti mumaopa Mulungu,nanga ngati mukutsutsana ndi zowona zomwe Bible lomwe mumalitamalo kuti m’malidziwa muli ayani? Chilungamo munachidziwa kale lomwe and Bible likunena ndinena pano za Israel,za Jerusalem lero mukutsutsana ndi choona, ndikudziwa chifukwa choti kumipandoko kulibe wa nzeru koma Kuba ndiye mumakhala ndi nzeru

  34. Why is it America stick nose in every country? That’s why they put so many nations in in trouble and left people killing each other ,live the Israelites make there own choice.

  35. When the son of man will come, He shallow come with heavenly golly and all shall see him in the sky . Whever be it capital city or not, Jesus is coming this is the sign of the end of time, repent

  36. We are not able to allow Satan to build Jerusalem as a capital city of Jerusalem, but only we are still waiting the Son of God who are called Jesus Christ the owner of the land not Satan. If you vote to allow the idols to build Jerusalem as the capital for Idols Jesus will come very to break down / to cut off immediately. The stone will be cutted off and build his new Jerusalem. Who can build Jerusalem as the holy city of God man or God? The end of the world or the beginning of sorrow s now yet, to cut the aid? We need Jesus Christ in our daily life not slavery, Amen

    1. Koma mumazitsata bwino bwino sister? Muonenso bwino Trump is not a mad man,Obama and Clinton ndiomwe anali aSatana ndipo akadachitabe u satana wawo pakali pano,ndiomwe akubweretsanso chisokonezo mu mdziko lawo lomwelo chifukwa cha kuluza kwake Clinton chifukwa ma plan awo a world order akhala ngati asokonekera,mufufuze bwino Obama anali ngati chotengela chifukwa chomwe amauzidwa nchomwe iye amachita and anthu amenewa ayidyera Amarica kwambiri,agulitsa Uranium ku Russia popanda akulu akulu ena akuvomereza,apanga zambiri zoti mutati mufufuze mudziwa bwino,inuyo osadabwa kuti nchifukwa chiyani wina aliyenseyo akudana naye Trump,America imaluza ndalama zambiri ku zochita zapa dzikoli like Climate change,imapereka ndalama zambiri pamene ena onse amapereka zochepa tsono iye analetsa zimenezo and anthu anadana naye

  37. So while other countries decided to do the right thing Malawi decide to be Malawi and do what you always do. Cowardice is whats leaving your country behind

  38. ANTHU OFUNIKA PAMAVUTO BASI …this funkng goes to u who post this issue and foolish ppl funk u ass with ur Trump devils

  39. even he can cut the aid no problem ,god wl control us thru his power, not Trump, trump is not God, naye ndi munthu ngat ife, he mst go to hell .

  40. America please I beg you leave Malawi are the only one who is bringing the world to an end .go to hell alone.shame on you.

  41. Let these guys stop politicising this issue.What is wrong with the simplest act of making Jerusalem the capital City of Israel. Jerusalem is having a very strong history not only for the Israelites but also for the whole world and Jerusalem is Also known as David’s City/town and the capital city of the new world that is to come with Christ with a new heaven and a new earth will also be called Jerusalem. So whats wrong with making this town a capital City? If the Israelites have accepted the Idea, then who are we to say no? In fact I used to think that Jerusalem was already the capital City of Israel because that is the exact status it deserves.So if the Israelites have accepted this, then let’s just support the Idea.There is no any harm in making a town of their choice a capital city. I personally support the move.

    1. then i think you are out of the topic. the context in the main story is, palestinians use to claim jerusalem as its capital so as israelites. the vote was about saying it should only be referred to a single nation as its capital as a way to resolve the conflict which is and was there throughout these years.

    2. America is signatory to the international law that bars Jerusalem from being the so called Israel capital and finds themselves wrong by endorsing it.

    3. Is it like people here do not know that jerusalem is in palestine? Or people do not know that israel is killing palestinians inorder to expand it territory into palestine? Or that there was no country by the name israel in 1945…

    4. #Mustafa_Hanif,let it be known to you that Israel was there even before king David Israel was there and Jerusalem belonged to Israel so zip your mouth if you do not follow history.

    5. In Palestine or in Israel, All I know is that Jerusalem has always been known to be a city in Israel and one thing we have to remember is that when the Israelites left Egypt for Canaan, they didn’t find their promised land wuthout people, They had to fight all the tribes found in the land, defeat them and then claim the land to be their own and God was always giving them victory in their warfare because that is the arrangement he made.So if they are expanding their country into other people’s territory, that is bad indeed and it wouldn’t be accepted in our current generation but if they are just protecting what God gave them, then Let them exercise their right.War will hardly end between Palestine and Israel because Palestinians believe that the Land of Israel belonged their ancestors and they want it back and the Israelites also believe that they inherited their promised land in which they are staying by driving out all the tribes they found by the authority from their Heavenly God which is also true.So no matter how much the international organizations may try to create peace talks between them, These two counties will always be at each other’s neck because of their historical misunderstanding and Israel will always be on a better side in whatever war they may fight because it is really God who gave this land to them and for this reason, He will surely destroy any nation that will try to take even the slightest piece of Land from them.So letting these guys solve their problems in their own way would surely help because no matter how much we might try to oppose Israel, the simple truth is that God is always with them in their battles.So lets just leave the issue to the countries in question.

    6. israel is not country but tribe samething with yawo ngoni tubuka those name they can not name them as a country but tribes this jews israel they runaway war from germany from 1910 up to 1944 the was no country calde israel israel was made up in 1945 they were given land from palestine

    7. Rafick Aca are you from planet Pluto that you don’t know history,,,which country were kings Saul,David,Solomon,Hezekiah and other kings ruling??I have always known and will always know Jerusalem as Israel not the so called Palestine…

  42. Whether you vote inline with USA or UN but Jerusalem shall remain God’s chosen capital for the Israel’s children…nation and land. This is for Christians …the least of you can’t understand it because you are basing it on history not Bible. Thank you

    1. those who are claiming that they are jew or israel there not the same whom are mention in bible this one here are thiefs from germany who runaway war and now they call themself jews israel fake one day you will be happy when mozambique take mchewu and name it dewu kkkkkk

    1. Akadula nde bwino chifukwa amfumu anuwo ndalama zomwe amapereka AMERICA wo akumaba nkumadya okha,its time to cut everything,ana Asatana mumadzitcha kuti mumaopa Mulungu,munakakhala owopa mulungu mukanayenera kudziwa zomwe Mulungu anachitira anthu ake

  43. its none of our business…… Tanzania wants to grab part of our lake who is going to support us? we have issues to solve osati manyakawa….. mxieww

  44. If US is a super power,why forcing other countries to be involved in this nonsense story?Africa is no longer slaves,we compeletely tired of using our names.Why you can’t vote by your self Trump?

    1. Inu Athuwa Akuziwana Bwanji Eni Akewo Sanakane Kuti Bwanji Mukutipangila Ndiye Mukane Inu Ndinu Ndaniso Amalawi Boma La Malawi Lili Pa Mbuyo Pa America Inu Simukavota Mboma Latumiza Thumwi Ndipo Iye Sakukupanga Zofuna Zake Wauzidwa Chochita

    2. I like your point #Raymundo.Economic independent is the only way that can pull you away from slavery, unfortunately most of our leaders are selfish and arrogant, they like to waste government money the same way you can do with some tomatoes
      .for that reason we will remain a begging family forever,and these so called western they will keep abusing us until Jesus come

  45. “I am fully persuaded that the day will come when the entire international community will finally come to recognise Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the state of Israel.” God bless Israel.

  46. Even 128 nations are against Trump declaration but God is not of majority, if it means war Israelites will fight against their enemies and win! God is on their side!

  47. Ine ndikangomva kuti kuli azungu ena omwe ali openga,NDAKHULUPILIRA TSOPANO,Inu trump yi wabwera liti kwa america oti atikwane??tamuonani kukamwa,mapazi amakolo ake.Trump yo mmene akabadwa anamva kuti Israel capital city yake ndichani?,kodi basi azunguwa azingotipusitsa??.Inu awa ndiosauka alibe chilichonse amabwera kumatibera ku Africa kuno kenako kumaoneka amzeru.Ngati titampeze yemwe anakavota tipopa magazi.

    1. He is not mad,komano anthunu chilungamo mukuchidziwa kuyambila mutafika pozindikira and mumadzinamiza kuti ndinu owopa Mulungu, tsono ngati muli odziwa za Mulungu chifukwa kuopa Mulungu kukusonyeza kuti mukudziwa za Mulungu yo,zomwe anachita ndipo zomwe amachita,atantumiza mwana wake pa dziko lapansi iye ankayenda kuti? Kapoena tinene kuti ndinu akunja simudziwa za Mau aBukhu? Mumandimvetsa chisoni anthu amasiku ano,chilungamo mukuchidziwa bwino komano mukukonda zabodza kumalimbikira zinthu zotsutsana nzoonazo why?

  48. Beggars re not choosers in most cases. Being poor abale turns u into a slave. Shame!! But to tell the truth according to my Bible, Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel. Read it

    1. unfortunately, the Israelites don’t bother with Bible at all! I have been meeting them they wonder that ,many follow Jesus, they say its just a well cooked story

    2. It is true, some say Jesus is yet to come. and the Bible says it all that God hid it from them so that we te pagans might find salvation through their ignorance/arrogance

  49. My country Malawi, You should have been more courageous like Togo to stand with Israel because the. Bible says in Genesis 12, that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. Abstaining may mean you are against Israel and afraid of America instead of God.

    Malawi Malawi you remember Kamuzu was behind Israel, and today Israel does not issue visa to Malawians who go to Israel. Malawi stand with Israel at all cost.

    1. All African nations denied it except Togo,it means only Togolese people will go to paradise don’t be fool please open your eyes & See from Far.

    2. The Israelites of today dont recognise the.Bible….neither do they recognise Jesus….why should Africans be the outsiders who weep louder than the bereaved?

    3. It seem u didn’t understand the headline all of u,,The head line says Malawi refused to vote against USA…for fear of loosing AID,,osati they have voted against USA..Mmmmm

    4. my brother dont thinks that lsrael will give us eternal life no no .its by the grace of God. l’m not supporting the news but l just want to take u out of mind that lsrael is the salvation land.

    5. English at its best,to my understand,it means malawi is behind america,but I wonder the following comments shows as if malawi is not behind america,can someone xool me here

    6. Apa mpamene muziziwila kuti nkhondo zonse zomwe zikuchitika mmaiko aluya gwelo lake ndi America, taonani nanga m paka kumaopseza ali ngati simuvotela zofuna zanthu basi sitimakuthandizani but at the end ovotela kuti capital city ya israel ili kuparasitina 128 ovotela kuti capital city ya israel ipite ku jerusalemu 9 America kuluza mmmmmmm. Ndiye popeza malawi yamantha muchilichonse anapanga Matha kokavota

    7. Naweso Wakukuza Ndan Kut Kuvoter Kt Jerusalem Akhale Mzinda Ndikudalisa Isarayeli? Kkk U Pple U Hav Bn Decieved 4along Time, Open Ur Eyes, The Bible Says ” Who Ever Believes In Jesus And Be Baptised In The Name Of The Father The Son And The Holy Spirit Will Be Saved Mark 16:15-1” It Doesnt Say Who Ever Blessd Israel Wil Be Saved. Jesus Himself Told His Followers To Preach To All Nations Bcoz God Is Regarding Every Nation, Not Only Jews.

    8. The funny thing about Bible is that even i can wake up one morning and decide to add a verse in it, claiming myself to be blessed or annointed , and it will meet a great number of acceptance from christians, and they would start worshipping me, taking whatever i say. Wake up, people, not everything that’s in the bilble is authentic.

  50. The reason is that the old man himself is not Malawian….he has spent half of his entire life in America…he holds American green card…he children are working in U.S….so he did what is best for him and his family….he doesn’t care about this country

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