14 years jail term sentence for Defilement


The first Grade Magistrate Court in Nkhatabay has sentenced Gift Mbale to 14 years imprisonment with hard hard labour for defiling a 6 year old girl.

Court through state prosecutor Sergeant Keystone Chiona heard that the victim’s father accepted Mbale to live with the family as a friend at Chapumbwa Village in Nkondezi area. On December 7 this year, he took advantage of the fact that there was no one else at home.

He called the girl from outside where she was playing with her friends and defiled her inside the house. He then gave her K50 note to buy Kamba puffs.

The matter came to light when her father returned and noticed she was crying, she narrated everything to him and the matter was reported to police. Medical findings proved that she was indeed defiled.

Appearing before court Mbale accepted the charge and in mitigation he asked the court for a word of prayer of which he admitted he sinned and asked for forgiveness.

When passing judgement First Grade Magistrate Anthony Banda said despite him being a first offender and that he accepted to have committed a crime, defilement is a serious offence. He then sentenced Mbale to serve 14 years imprisonment as a lesson.

Gift Mbale hails from Mwaluweyu Village ,T/A Mwilang’ombe in Nkhatabay District.






  1. While Malawi rightly punishes such crime MUCH more than overseas, he should be given the death penalty. All rapists and paedophiles and homosexuals deserve to put to death as per the Word of God!

  2. Good

    If he was a teacher and got her pregnant he would have lost his job and received only 4 years for defilement, rape of a minor

    Prosecutor should appeal the 4 year sentence of that teacher.

  3. 4 the first time ever malawi24 has nw used a right register, “defilement” referring to a minor insead of of their usual term, “rape”! keep it up!

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