RTA ready to minimize road accidents during festival period


Road Traffic Authority in the north have said that they are ready to work around the clock during this festive period in order to minimize accidents that happen on the roads of Malawi.

Josephy Chisamba  Deputy Principal Road Traffic Officer in the North told Malawi24 that the Authority is geared to work tirelessly during this time when many people travel to enjoy with families.

Chisamba: We are much geared this festive season.

“We are much geared this festive season to reduce some of the accidents that happen on our roads. The law will not spare anyone caught in the wrong,” said Chisamba.

Chisamba also said that patrol vehicles will be assigned day and night in this period and impound all vehicles not fit for travel on the roads.

90% of road traffic accidents on the roads of Malawi are caused by reckless driving.






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