Only K150,000 to defeat a bill? MCP lawmakers comments on reform Bill corruption questioned


Social commentators have laughed off Malawi opposition lawmaker’s claims that his fellow lawmakers were bribed with K150,000 to reject electoral reform bills.

In a Facebook post, Ulemu Msungama who is Malawi Congress Party lawmaker claimed that the DPP led government had given opposition MPs a bribe for them to deny the tabling of electoral reform bills.

Ulemu Msungama

Wabodza? Msungama questioned

Msungama claimed that the MPs conscience was bought for a paltry sum of K150,000.

However reacting to the news when Malawi24 published it, a section of commentators dismissed Msungama’s claims as mere fabrications as the money mentioned was too little to buy off an MP.

“This is a lie. How can the whole party buy someone at mk150,000? The point is: dpp used the same law to intimidate mps for instance including mps and ward councillors in 50+1% and recall provision (section 64).. Mps were intimidated by these two,” wrote Daniel Kaombe.

“If the allegation is true, though it sounds to be fake and unfounded, it means all of our members of parliaments are rotten. And what was the benefit of the members of Parliament from the Government side? I know the Honourable members can’t sell their dignity with MK150,000.00,” wrote Andrew Kowedza.

Fareed Betton had no kind words for the opposition in reacting to the news: ” The the whole opposition is useless, why should we vote for them if the whole MP can bé bought with a mere K150,000?”

Promise Salima in commenting doubted the claim and called on this publication to dig deeper on the claim as the price was tipping to the lower side:

” What the cheapest politicians we have in our country? Selling themselves and their families and country at such cheapest price? M24 investigate for us the actual price of the MPs who were bought.”



  1. They need to win so that we may critise them as they critise the Government . GIVE MCP chance pajatu chili kumnzako nkumati chigwire nyanga.

  2. HYPOCRITES !!!!! Our MP has been summoned to explain why she took that stand .Iam not pro or against anyone or anything but atleast our MP are myopic so to speak.Mzimba North East will have a say in 2019 not now.

  3. Please please opposition parties especially MCP you need to learn how to accept things for example you win 5-1 your friends accepted by the defeat but you mcp you don’t accept the defeat shame on you Lazalo Chakwera leader of opposition

  4. Yachulukaso Imeneyo.Kungo Ukana Chabe.Ndani Angakane K150000 Ya Ulele Ndimavuto Awa?Tisalimbane Ndi A Opposition Ubwino Wa Mabill Enawo Sitikuwadziwa,,

  5. Yachulukaso Imeneyo.Kungo Ukana Chabe.Ndani Angakane K150000 Ya Ulele Ndimavuto Awa?Tisalimbane Ndi A Opposition Ubwino Wa Mabill Enawo Sitikuwadziwa,,

  6. Ulemu Msungama may be intelligent but daft by coming up with this allegation. The opposition went to town making unnecessary amendments to bills in the past sittings of parliament including defeating government side in every vote.A good example was when the ATI was passed into law, the opposition carried the day even when it included legally wrong provisions suchlike its retrospective applications. I believe Msungama has the figures that the opposition MPs were paid to trounce the government side MPs in this one. He is saying that when MCP agenda triumphs in Parliament money changes hands and vice versa. Or maybe he refused or not even approached for the palm oil since he is still new in the August house. Kang’oma koliritsa sikachedwa kusweka umfunse mchemwali wanga Jessie kapena mchimwene wanga Felix , akuwuza kuti manga mabuleki. Ucheze ndi Lucius akuwuza kuti inayamba ndi MCP kumusaka ngati kalulu was mchire ali pa Bilira mcde mpaka DPP inammangitsa kukaggwira jere (jail). Do you see how sister Juliana has slowed down? This is free advice mwana wakwithu!

  7. Umphawi ,aphungu a MCP kusauka vuto lomwe alinalo ,ngati vote yanga mudzaione ng’ooooooooo 2019 kulibwino kuika mbava zomwezo kusiyana mkuika inuyo mwapangidwa corrupt ndi 150 000 imene yo ndimaipeza mkapanga chitseko chimodzi chokha

  8. When opposition shoots down government bills,no objection..quiet normal…when government shootsdown mcp- PAC bills,agula ma mp….mudapambana by elections,ziiii..quiet normal..boma likadzawina 2019, abera chisankho….izi zikuonetseratu kuti abusa chakwera ndi atolankhani anu ndiinu wosakhwima mmaganizidwe…simunakhonzeke kuyendetsa dziko..ndikutsimikizireni kuti mupitilira kukhalabe ku opposition

    • Koma ndiyedi Mulungu ali ndi cholinga poziika pambalanganda mbavazi kuti zikhalire ife anthu kusankha mwazeru anthu ngati Uladi ndi gulu lake monga ananera muja osataya nawo nthawi ali busy kuvindikirirana mirandu yawo

  9. I am still questioning the integrity of the government on electoral reform bills. How on earth can one propose a bill and only to reject it. Why bringing it into the august house if they knew they would say no to it? Why wasting tax payers money in the form of allowances? This is ridiculous.

    • I think nkhani ya 50+1 mukuimvera pompano koyamba nde tingokulongosolerani pang’ono bill imeneyi anaibweretsa ku boma ndi a pac kuti bomalo lichite table mu parliament then boma linati siliri ready kutero npamene pac inakonza zionetsero kuumiliza boma kuti lichite table bill-yo nde paja amati kukana nsalu ya akulu nkuviika boma linachita table then mps nkuikana bill eyetu ndi mmene zinayambiratu man kkkkkk

  10. Yes,we must not expect a good leadership as long as we r africans….They just how to transfer the money into their pokets.not all but only me,i dont c a good leader in our country.maalawi.

  11. so u don’t have other story to post ?so Mcp is telling me that those mps who voted no to the bill are wrong? do they know what democracy means? MCP is pathetic I think if they win they will be no democracy for the people. don’t fool your self that Malawi want that bill to pass all we need is a good leaders that will take us somewhere to a better place than now .

  12. This is 1 of reasons why malawi is so paphetic a leaders allow to put they families in trouble because of such things verry sorry where shall we find aserious and principled leaders in our country

    • Malawi is pathetic coz all people are crazy even they can pass that bill nothing will change akulu we have laws in our constitution that backs the president whether he do a wrong thing like that which allows the court not to question the president unless he loose the presidency or retire why don’t those law makers amend those laws?look at south Africa they take Zuma to court while he is still leading south Africa so can u tell me when did this kind of thing happen in Malawi all we know is singing akuba ndalama until when? our ruling party plus opposition are the same they are their to eat our money