Blind pupils shot in the arm by Malawi police women

Mangochi police women

It is not all guns that they know of. There is also another life outside of the guns.

Mangochi police women donating to the pupils.

Over the weekend, Pupils from Nkope school for the blind were overwhelmed with gratitude when Mangochi Police women network donated assorted items worth K455,000-00 to the institution.

The donation was a fulfillment of a pledge by the women grouping which they made to the school earlier last month and had sourced funds through a mock wedding that was held on 9 December 2017.

Mangochi police deputy spokesperson Amina Daudi told Malawi24 that  Nkope, a special school under Anglican church but receives funding from the Malawi government, is expected to provide good care for the vulnerable students in addressing some of the challenges they face. Thus, the Police came in to help them with the provision of the support.

The donated items  included 12 bags of maize and rice, 22 litres of cooking oil, 100 kilograms of salt, 28 packets of Sugar, 50 bundles of Soya pieces, Kamba, 10 kilograms of Beef and 40 bottles of squash among others.

“Apart from the food items,each pupil was given k1000.00 as pocket money,” Daudi said.

In his  remarks, the head teacher Mr Joseph Nkata praised the Police women for the gesture.

“This is indeed a dream come true, people have been coming here with empty promises and we took it lightly when you came two weeks ago to enquire about our needs. We are grateful for fulfilling your promise and others should learn from you ” said Mr. Nkata.

Speaking to the gathering which included the coordinating Primary Education Advisor (PEA)  for Nkope zone, Head teacher, Deacon and members of the school committee, Chairlady for Mangochi Police women network Inspector Norah Chimwala emphasised much on the need for people to change their mentality towards the Police.

“Police officers are human beings too, they have that spirit in them that  believes in ensuring that no child is left behind and that children with special needs get the equal opportunity to access quality education and have a better standard of living as other children. Some of us were raised in orphanage centres and we are who we are today because of others”  said Chimwala.

She further urged other well wishers to follow suit in an attempt to uplift the welfare of the deaf and blind children. Apparently the school has 28 students.

Mangochi police women network has been active in conducting sensitization meetings and school outreach against early marriages, teenage pregnancy and gender based violence.




  1. Pliz when writing something try to write it in a good way cause others are confused they think police wounded the blind pupils anyway thanks to the police being good example to other government organization

  2. And that arm will definitely be amputated…. Careless Police women why shooting blind pupils….kkkkkk…connotations… Manje vachivungu ivi…

  3. Thats police brutality asaaaa mapaka kuombera anthu osaona. Kulakwa.

    On a serious note, big up police service at least we have some positive news. Police isn’t all about bad news tidzimvako zabwinonso.

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