Govt. paid K150,000 to opposition MPs to reject reforms bill – MCP lawmaker


The DPP led government is reported to have bribed lawmakers in the national assembly to reject the electoral reforms bills that were tabled in the last sitting of Parliament.

According to an opposition lawmaker, government paid each legislator K150, 000 to reject the electoral reforms bills that stir controversial in the country.

Msungama: For every “NO” to the bills govt had to pay the MPs.

Posting on his social media platform, Lilongwe City South East Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Ulemu Msungama disclosed that for every “NO” to the bills government had to pay the lawmakers.

“After pocketing, K150, 000 for every No, they rushed back to parliament for Ant Corruption dinner,” wrote Msungama.

Malawi government has been faulted for frustrating the electoral reforms bills by delaying tabling and rejecting the bills.

Meanwhile the religious body, Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has disclosed that is to re-mobilize people to go to the streets to show anger on government dilly-dallying to the bills.

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