Bisnowaty’s suits donation to Malawian Chiefs stirs controversy

David Bisnowaty

… MP says it was a campaign promise

The decision by Lilongwe City Centre MP David Bisnowaty to donate suits to Chiefs in his area has only pleased himself and the Chiefs.

Comments on social media have faulted the MP who has used social media to celebrate his donation which many people view as either a joke or plainly dumb.

David Bisnowaty
Bisnowaty pose for a camera with the chiefs

In a Facebook post on his page, Bisnowaty has posed with Chiefs who are all in suits. The caption to the post reads: “I fulfill what I promise, I promised all chiefs in lilongwe city centre constituency to give them new suits and today chiefs gets the suits.”

However comments and reactions to the post are not flattering to the MP and his decision which he calls a campaign promise.

“Hahahaha Honourable be serious. And you call this ‘development?’ Malawians are naturally hard workers. They don’t need handouts. All they need is a good environment to prosper.

“By the way, why giving them those cheap suits? Turn those chiefs into entrepreneurs. Tell your government to give those chiefs electricity so that they can do businesses better. Invest in their minds and not bodies. That’s what we call development Sir! I expected you to understand what I have written above better than me,” wrote Ignatius Kaphinde on the post.

“I didn’t believe you really posted this and I had to come to your wall, you are plain silly and dumb honourable, you could just have given them the suits without announcing it. What goes on in your mind really, campaign?” retorted Nicely Msowoya in a not so nice manner.

“Then you call it development. Political leaders like you are the ones killing the nation. Cry for my beloved country,” wrote Mike Caytonie.

“Nonsense. And the honourable is all smiles for this insignificant act? It’s like we are watching some drama on stage….. Poor Malawi,” wrote Panji Mwandira.

Bisnowaty who entered Parliament as an independent candidate before defecting to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party was once held as a development conscious MP.



  1. Komatu ku 25 kuno palibe chomwe apanga abambo amenewa…nsewu ochoka pa nsungwi kupita ku dzenza and kulowela area 45 inawonongeka…zomwe anatha kupanga ndikuimitsa tractor pambali pansewu kwa tsiku limodzi ndikuichotsa koma olo antaaaaaah…palibe chomwe apangako

  2. Thus his money he has the ryt to do what pleases him, but he could pleases him, but thus being shallow minded, the whole MP promising a bunch of chiefs suits jst for campaign, nzeru pslibepo. kupepera kweni kweni.

  3. stupid mp like D’s one sinamuonepo,he’s failing even to construct roads at nsungwi, I regret voting for this guy called bisnowaty…..

  4. I personally know this MP , am not from his constituency though but let me tell you the truth, Bisnowaty is a good person , I worked for his company and I know how good he is

  5. I am so disappointed with you Hon. why do you take our chiefs for fools?
    you mean this is what you can offer to us as development?
    we thought you are wise but now we have proved you to be a crook
    we didnt want DPP but you have unwillingly sold us all to cashgate party.
    are you a beneficially of k577 billion?

  6. When a man wearing a short sleeve shirt and a trousers gives you a suit as a present

  7. Hehehehehe! koka! pa malawi, dziko ndi anthu ake bwanji pamenepa sanakwanilitse malonjezo ake, tati tifunse nawo bwana MP munawawona chani powapatsa zovala kapena mukupitiliza pomwe analekeza Kamuzu ndi anthu aku Neno ndi Mwanza

  8. Mr Atupele chitela ndimafuna muike maganizo anu paja mumakonda kuyamikira bisnowaty mutipo chani pamenepa chitukuko chimene timafuna ife ndichimenechi , mpaka kuchita kulemba pa Facebook olo ulisi munthu mkulu kulu aaaaasaaaaaaaa mumatitola eti

  9. It’s his money he has the right to do what he wants. I would’ve been critical if he used the constituency developing fund.

  10. shame on you Mr mp ulephela kuchita chitukuko takhala tikupepha ma ring oti tikonzele ma bridge koma ukukanika sha koma yah.

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