Ntcheu police officers donate blood


As the festive season is fast approaching, plans of where and how the holidays will be celebrated are being made by different people and organisations.

People will be travelling to different places during the period. These festivities have sometimes left people with more harm than good when it comes to losing loved ones through accidents.

Speeding, drink-driving, oMalawiverloading and use of unroadworthy vehicles, have been some of the contributing factors.

As such, the Police are busy planning on how best to deal with this so that the period is celebrated peacefully and accident free.

Having the objectives and social responsibility at heart, Ntcheu Police Station through the Officer In charge Mr J.D Nkhoma SACP took a step further.

The officers donated blood to the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service on Tuesday.

According to Ntcheu police spokesperson Hastings Chigalu, officers voluntarily took turns in assisting the blood transfusion body while others went with their families, a thing that showed more commitment to the exercise.

“Ntcheu Police has been inviting the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service to assist after learning that the precious liquid is in shortage.

“It has become a routine now that for every four months, the Blood Transfusion body comes to collect blood from the officers at Ntcheu Police Station,” Chigalu added.

He called on other people to follow suit by donating blood.




  1. That’s no news at all. Some of us have donated brains to this nation amid all the ●■》《☆☆¿`^>|{^}~[~♤•》○■< ○□○《•□○■•°¤/×#@#!:! that continues to go on

  2. Opopa magazi akufuna magazi,a chipatala akufuna magazi,a satanic akufuna magazi,ndiye ndikapeleka magazi anga ayendesedwa mwa chilungamo?

  3. Hahaha waste of tym..blood of police officers are full of Viruses…HIV in particular…talk of kachasu.chingambwe…chamba..etc…mupasane a police okha okha nyasizo

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