Heavy rain leaves six dead


Heavy rains on Saturday night triggered flooding in some areas of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, leading to the death of six people.

One of the areas affected by flooding

Affected areas include Chipasula, Kaliyeka, Mchesi and Kawale.

Malawi24 visited some of the areas where it established that many other people have lost property.

Officials from Department of Disaster Management (DoDMA) in the country today went to the areas affected by the floods.

According to DoDMA, currently an assessment is underway to establish damage caused.

Member of Parliament (MP) of the area Ulemu Msungama has since expressed concern over the issue.

Msungama has asked well-wishers to help the people who have been affected by the floods.

“It’s very sad to learn about loss of property due to heavy rains. Though difficult as it may look, we believe that in the end we will join hands to help our neighbours to survive,” he said.



  1. pano bwezi tikuti ndikunsanje, zilii kulikulu pano nawo alandile makapu,mbale,ufa ndizina zochokera kwamabugwe samalani nawo akava izi akunsanje alusatu

    1. Zoona alandire zinthu! Amabungwe plus DODMA mukuchitapo chani? Kuli Ku Nsanje zinthu zitayamba kale kuperekedwa

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