Trouble brews in PP: Jooma steps down as party chief whip


At the heart of unending accusations the People’s Party (PP) has earned for snubbing the 50+1 bill in Parliament, its party chief whip Ralph Jooma has stepped down.

Jooma in his letter of resignation says he holds personal reasons for this decision.

Ralph Jooma: has resigned (Image credit: Edwin Mauluka)

This comes barely two days after PP lawmakers joined the government side in shooting down the bills in the electoral reforms radar.

Jooma was absent in Parliament along with the vocal Kamlepo Kalua who has since posted on Facebook that he was attending a funeral as well as Roy Kachale.

Otherwise most PP members of parliament all rendered a no that suppressed the passing of the bill.

Reports are rife at the moment that the former ruling party is on the verge of merging with governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ahead of the 2019 polls.

It is feared that this is to suit up in the 50+1 voting system called for by the civil society even though the majority in Parliament seems not to buy the idea.



  1. Democracy imeneyo, ,, pp and udf zawozikuyenda osamangokhalira kulira ngati lucius banda, ,,

  2. I support you Jooma. You are right to go for moral and love for the country those people stay pocket. I can see PP and UDF will be raped while they know that they will be raped. If PP and UDF were clever they supposed to support the bill and hold DPP in ransom. They could have strong bargaining card. They go to politics without political science. Politics always you play with your card now they sell there card

  3. the problem is that others receive money while others they don’t receive from the prince of thieves and darkness pali ponse(dpp)

  4. Zowona PP kupereka dziko kwa chirombo chotchedwa Dpp inuyo nkumasangalala. Mundifunse ngati mipando imeneyo mudzayipezenso mwagwa nayo ndipo mwadya zomwe akupatsani panozi. Malawi wawona zimenezi

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