Malawi homosexuality: Two men arrested in Machinga


At a time when there has been silence on the debate on whether Malawi should legalise homosexuality or not, two men have been arrested for having sex.

The incident has occurred in Machinga district.

Police report says that the two Chancy Ntawali and Nickson Chamboko, aged 46 and 21 respectively are in for having sex against the order of nature.

It is said that the two were sharing a house that Ntawali owns at Liwonde Township.

Chamboko had joined his friend in Liwonde only to be turned into a ‘wife’ and being paid money ranging from K35,000 to K50,000 for every encounter the two would have.

But it was after sometime that Chamboko got tired of the matter that he reported to police.

He (Chamboko) has been charged with permitting a fellow male person to have carnal knowledge of him while Ntawali faces sodomy charges.

Ntawali hails from Malindi village in the area of traditional authority Chowe in Mangochi district whereas Chamboko is from Kasonya village in the area of traditional authority Nsamala in Balaka district.

Malawi’s debate on homosexuality was sparked about 7 years ago when two men Steve Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga came in the open to claim they were a couple.

They were later jailed but their initial 14 year jail term got lifted upon the visit of the United Nations Secretary General Ban ki Moon who had reportedly dragged the then late Bingu wa Mutharika regime to pardon the two.

The religious community had firmly stood on that homosexuality is a sin and that in line with Malawi’s laws, it is not accepted.

Government has been accused of being coy on the matter as it is feared making its stand would jeopardize its relationship with the donor community who are said to be driving force behind the calls to legalise homosexuality.



  1. homesexy is unclearn in d sight of d lord n.blvrs.lets not allow ds dirty sprt to go on.yes..we hav birthrights.but God nevr gav us 3dom 2 sin..lets fear God

  2. FUNNY OBSERVATION: Sinners are busy condemning the sins of others. God is the only one to judge.
    -Thieves are against homosexuality
    -Killers are against homosexuality
    -Corrupt people are against homosexuality
    -Liars are against homosexuality
    -Adulterers are against homosexuality
    -Witches and wizards are against homosexuality


  3. 2 Corinthians 11:3 [But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.] Satan has corrupted these brothers minds so hate them not but rather ask God, through the power of His Holy Spirit, to help set them completely free from the demon bondage.

  4. The stupidity of Malawi police at its best! how would you charge someone who came to complain? If there are alot of similar cases out there do you think the victims will have the motivation to report?

  5. Good, we don’t want gays/lesbians in Malawi; we say NO! If you find them stone them even to death(old Testament), they are the ones who make the land reject us and our God doesn’t answer our prayers because we tolerate them. Even God hates that!

  6. Ndithud awaa si anthu
    Akanakhal anthu
    Bwenz akumamva chison
    Izi nd zithumwa
    Zotumidwa nd satana
    cholinga Mulungu amfulatire Malawi tikhale pa mavuto adzaonen Yesu Mfumu yathu lowerelani achite manyaz owatumayo

  7. Ngatianthuamenewa simuazengamulandu ndibwinonso kuti pasapezeke muthu opita ku ndende popalamula mulandu wa ntunduwina ulionse

  8. BOTH GUYS I KNOW THEM FROM THERE BACK GROUND, AND BOTH DICKSON’S ELDER BROTHER AND SISTER ARE POLICE OFFICERS. Nickson’s elder brother who’s also police officer is one of my old best friend. In 2011 and 2012, Chancy was having an affair with my friend Alex who was also my schoolmate at Liwonde secondary school. Around 2003 Chancy got divorced for same problem. By that time,he also lost his job as a teacher.
    He must be punished that demon. He mess a lot of swains.

    1. YEAH, AND THAT NAIIYA once termed me to do such abominable game but over my dead body, even if someone promise me million for once, I can’t for God sake.

  9. The painful thing is that whenever these demons have been arrested they don’t recelve any penalties / go to court to answer their case because of these foolish human rights organisations who defend them from recelving punishments. No wonder people take laws in their hands once they catch these people, I think our president must use dectactorship when making some decisions, he must sign death penalties without taking any complaints from these human rights organisations who usually promote and defend demonic act, President’s decisions must not be opposed in any sucumstances, like in this isue I want to see President’s reaction over this!

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