Poet Wantali Savala Gogoda convicted of theft


The Blantyre Magistrates Court on Wednesday ordered poet Wantali Savala Gogoda to pay a fine of MK30,000 or in default to spend 6 months in jail for theft.

This is according to Blantyre police deputy publicist, Sub-Inspector Dorrah Chathyoka who identified the accused as Arthur Kutsate of Dumeya village T/A Kalembo in Balaka who is also known as “Wantali Savala Gogoda” in the poetry circles.

Kutsate, 25, was arrested by Blantyre Police on 3rd December while performing at Blantyre Cultural Centre following a complaint of theft by Miss Charity Honde.

It is reported that the convict stole a purse containing cell phone, some cosmetics, and other important documents during one of the performances at Blantyre Cultural Centre on 20th August, 2017.

The Police had been hunting for Kutsate until 3rd December when he was cornered while performing at the BCC.

He appeared before the Blantyre Magistrates Court on 13th December for theft and the court found him guilty.

Passing the sentence, Third Grade Magistrate Catherine Magwira ordered Kutsate to pay MK30,000 fine or in default to spend six months in prison. He paid the fine.

The court also ordered that Kutsate should return to the complainant all the stolen items.



  1. 3 days back ndapanga post APA kufunsa kuti Wantali Savala Gogoda atatchuka zaka ziwiri zapitazi pa fb pa..yankho ndalipeza tsopano KUTI adalibe busy kutolatola mtidzikwama ta aZimayi

  2. Aja mawonekedwe awo amaonekadi kuti ngotolatola ndiye kukutengela pa show hahahaha zochititsa manyazi kukuphela msika ndakaika kuti ma organiser azimutenganso okubayi

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