Appeal launched to help child with hydrocephalus

An appeal has been launched to help Elizabeth Kakhumba, a child aged 9 with a hydrocephalus condition, who is in need of a wheelchair.

Elizabeth who is from Nchotseni village T/ A Kanduku in Mwanza district was born with hydrocephalus condition which limits her movement.

Elizabeth Kakhumba: In need of a wheelchair.

According to Mphatso Makanjira who has been taking an initiative to help Elizabeth, the young girl needs a wheelchair so that she can go school.

“Her mother says Elizabeth needs a wheelchair so that she can go to school. She do have challenges to walk on own her own due to the condition. And those that may wish to help they can contact 0882724794 or 0991628298 so that we can provide more details,” said Makanjira.

Hydrocephalus is a condition in which there is an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the brain.

This typically causes increased pressure inside the skull. Older people may have headaches, double vision, poor balance, urinary incontinence, personality changes, or mental impairment.

In babies there may be a rapid increase in head size. Other symptoms may include vomiting, sleepiness, seizures, and downward pointing of the eyes.



  1. Despite his conditions there is an inspiration attached to his Radiant Smile. The world may class him too low, other siblings may Stigmatise him for being Hydrocephalic, But the Devil is A lier,he can Stil find a reason to smile because his current condition is simply a set up for a come back. He is born like this for Gods Glory to b manifested to all mankind. Now The Question is, “If Me and you were in his Shoes, would we smile still Stand Tall and Smile? What do we do when the Devil attacks our Health, Finances, Marriages even our Business do we still Praise the Lord? God heal the boy Amen!!

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