Unrest in Aford: Court halts Chihana presidency

Misunderstandings rage on within limping opposition party the Alliance for Democracy (Aford).

This time after heightened struggle for leadership, court has ruled that Enock Chihana stops serving as the party’s interim leader.

Court has ruled that Chihana cease serving as the party’s interim leader.

The Lilongwe High Court has since ruled that all decisions Chihana made after his reign came to an end by 8 September 2018 be nullified.

It has also ruled that the party that has been dwindling over the years hold a convention before the end of this year.

This is after an initial application by other Aford officials Dan Msowoya, Christopher Ritchie, Ernest Kanyanya and Owen Mumba.

The party has been on its deathbed after it merged with the then ruling Peoples Party (PP) before the link failed to pay dividends in the 2014 elections.



  1. when Mwenefumbo joined AFORD mr chihana was talking all sorce of ills to DPP moking them that he has chosen a rihgt party,a yr later the son who was welcomed like the one prodigal son in bible has become a bitter pill to swallow,the once codial relationship that existed the two guyz have become the relationship of a cat and mouse……am just backbencher!!!!!

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