Postponement of PAC demos splits Malawians

Malawi public protests

Malawians have expressed different views following postponement of Public Affairs Committee (PAC) demonstrations which were slated to take place on Wednesday.

Malawi24 interviewed some residents in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe and found that some are backing PAC for postponing the demos while others are against the decision.

Malawi public protests

Raphael Seleman told Malawi24 that what PAC did is good since the  Electoral Reforms Bills are in  Parliament and demonstrating can disturb the debating of the bills in the August house.

“I think postponing the demos is the best decision and it will allow smooth debating of the 5 out 6 bills that are currently in Parliament. It can be inconsiderate for Malawians to go on street while government has responded positively,” Seleman told Malawi24.

Another Malawian Janet Manda also backed PAC for the decision saying the aims of the demos were to force executive arm of the government to bring the bills in Parliament which has happened.

However, some Lilongwe residents have faulted PAC saying that the demos were also slated to tackle other issues like corruption and rampant electricity blackouts that have rocked the country.

Julius Banda told Malawi24 that the protests should not have been cancelled because issues like corruption and electricity blackouts are yet to be addressed.

“Yes 5 out of 6 bills are in Parliament but what about other issues that were also indicated like corruption and rampant blackouts? I guess, PAC has rushed and the demos should have not been postponed,” Banda said.

PAC cancelled the protests saying  government has responded positively to its petition hence it is good to give space for the Parliamentarians to debate the bills.

However, PAC has warned government that it must not play tactics to delay the bill since if it does so the quasi-religious body will act.



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