Maula Prison warder rapes stepdaughter


A 25-year-old prison warder is in police custody at Lumbadzi Police Sub-Station for raping a 15-year-old girl.

Prison Warder Paul Chindozi of Maula Prison is alleged to have raped the victim, who happens to be his stepdaughter, on Monday at Lumbadzi Training Center.

According to Kanengo police spokesperson Laban Makalani, the mother of victim, who is aged 28 and works as a Bartender at B Square Bottle Store in Lumbadzi alleges that she discovered about the incident on Monday night soon after knocking off from duty.

According to Makalani, during the time, the mother found the girl crying and when she enquired from her, the girl revealed that she had been raped by her stepfather.

“Following the development the mother took the victim to Lumbadzi Police where she was referred to a healthy facility for medical examination,” Makalani said.

Hospital personnel confirmed that the victim was raped.

Prison Warder Paul Chindozi, who hails from Mangwe village, Traditional Authority Nkukula in Dowa, surrendered himself to the police on Tuesday.

He has been charged with the offence of defilement under section 138 of the penal code. He will appear before court soon.




  1. well this person deserve to be in jail for life he knows nothing about jail after working there now he can stay there

  2. Look at tht ,its ,starting wth them, ,how about the inmates who had committed the same crime ,,shall they repent or repeat de sem ting ,,haha this is total hypocrisy ,,shame on u Mr #prison_warder, shame on u :p

  3. This warden is really hypnotised,we expect law enforcers to follow codes and ethics of Hz duty,let him languish in penitentiary,he z nuisance.

  4. Amayiwo kukatenga tsikana wa zaka 15 azikhala ndinyamata wAzaka 25 ngati Bambo ake mwikho VUTO ndiamayiwo amagwidwe a 25 yr man can not be a good father to 15 yrs old girl

  5. ithink if we had achance of listening to the man’s side , we could have had gud judgement on our own aswel. Coz isee mis represantation of the story. Have alook at zaka zikutchulidwazi is this real?.. Shame to the father yes!! But ithink otherwise!!!

  6. This foolish fool has been badly wishing he should be a prisoner at his work place. Why climbing your daughter? If it was nyerere trobling you why osakapeza hule.

    • mkazi wake anali kale hule bro read the article properly, time when incident happened mkazi wake a mother to the daughter was @ lumbadzi bottlestore where she used to work.


  7. In my opinion, without the desire to offend those who think different from my point of view but looking at it depth. I honestly think ..Oops I just forget what I wanted to say

  8. Mayi zaka 28 mamuna 25 mwana opezedwa 15.
    Zangoonetseratu kuti adawa amazembelera mwanayu coz ndiyo size yawo osati mayi akewo. Amunafeso penapake kupupuluma ukwatila bwanji mayi wa zaka zopitilira iweyo pomwe ali ndi mwana wa size yako?.Anyapala khwiyaaaaaa

  9. Apolice amangeso mai amwabayo coz mwana ngat alindizaka 15, mnyatayo 25, ndemmaiyo alindizaka zingat,apa pali kugwililila ndikugwililidwa