Govt suspends refurbishment of Muhara’s office


The Malawi Government has suspended the refurbishment of the office of Chief Secretary Lloyd Muhara.

Muhara: government has suspended repairing of his office

This is according to a press statement issued on Wednesday, December 13, signed by minister of information and communications technology, Nicholas Dausi.

Dausi says a decision was made to refurbish the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) complex building which also houses Muhara’s office by replacing old carpets, ceiling boards, painting the walls and installing CCTV cameras for security of government resources including equipment, and replacing the worn-out desks and chairs.

He says the refurbishment which is being funded by government is aimed at improving the working environment in the Office of the President and Cabinet, in line with the Strategic Objectives outlines in the Strategic Plan.

The office complex has not been refurbished since 1975 and some parts are in poor condition, according to Dausi.

The works were being carried out by EQWUIP Interior Works in phases with the first phase covering the office of the Chief Secretary and other rooms.

However, government has suspended all these planned works.

“The repairs and refurbishment were to cover the Office of the President and Cabinet  building at Capital Hill in Lilongwe. Due to the amount of money involved, Government resorted to carrying out the work in phases.

However, the planned works has been suspended indefinitely,” reads part of the statement.

Government has not come out clearly as to what has caused the suspension of the project.

This comes days after it was revealed that the OPC approved the awarding of a  K64 million contract to EQWIP Interior Works to refurnish the office of the Chief Secretary.



  1. May be…..but its hard to believe coz they can still implement that behind people as what they did with Admarc’s loans.

  2. Good move to stop that intended abuse of public funds. But from experience, this dpp govt may just play delaying tactics. and when people stop making the noise they will secretly buy that K64m furniture. That is the behaviour of dpp.

  3. Eeeee, achita bwino sizoona dziko lili ndi mabvuto a nkhani nkhani kudzima kwa magesi ndiye wina azikati iyai koma tigule mipando ya mu office sixty four million munthu ameneyi, ali ndi mnzelu amaaganizila anthu? achitabwino alesa zimenezo kodi iwe ndioipa eti basi mtsogoleli akamatukanidwa umakondwa eti? unamvela wailesi mmene anthu amalankhulila nkhani imeneyo? usamale sibwino kumatukwanisa munthu pazifukwa za dziiiii ngati zimenezo.

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