Kinnah wants contract with Swazi club terminated


Former Flames coach Kinnah Phiri who coaches Swaziland’s Mochudi Centre Chiefs wants his contract with the club to be terminated.

Phiri has written a letter to his employers asking for termination of his contract due to false promises and breach of contract.

Kinnah Phiri

Kinnah Phiri: Has given the club 3 days’ notice to terminate his contract

In a letter dated 5th December, 2017, Phiri has stated that there is a lot that the team is not offering him although those were agreed in the contract.

Phiri mentioned issues such as unpaid salary, unfurnished house with a very uncomfortable old bed, the clubs reluctance to provide a car for him and nonpayment of medical expenses.

Phiri gave Mochudi Centre Chiefs 3 days’ notice to terminate his contract and arrange his salary so that he can go home.

The former Bullets coach went to Swaziland after his contract with Mbeya City Stars of Tanzania was terminated.



  1. Dust is yourself ,if Swaziland is not fruitful,Malawian national team needs expertise ,just come 2 the warm heart of Africa,Fam is spending a lot of cash 2 expatriates ,millions of tax payers monies ,kwayeni kulibe nkhuwe

  2. Kinnah Phiri is in Botswana not Swaziland. The team you have mentioned is in Botswana not in Swaziland. Please let reporters be serious with their jobs.

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