Businesswoman kidnapped in Lilongwe


A businesswoman was on Monday evening kidnapped in Lilongwe.

The woman Jane Nthakomwa was kidnapped along Area 14 road at around 8pm when she was coming from City Centre.

According to reports, her car was found near Gateway Mall in the city with keys on the ignition.

Jane Nthakomwa: Kidnapped

Her family has since reported her as a missing person and is appealing to the general public to report to the nearest police of any sighting of the woman or call Shycal Partridge Nthakomwa on +265 999 645 565/+265 888 645 565.

Other reports however show that there are people who believe that the kidnapping has been staged.

According to the reports, Nthakomwa is a chairperson of a savings group called Tikondane and she is keeping funds exceeding MK15 million belonging to the group.

Members of the group are expected to share the money by the end of this month and they are suspicious of Nthakomwa’s abduction.



  1. Are you sure kidnapped or fled with the group money.If so the group has an account from bank so file an affidavit that the signatory has been kidnapped so that they can release the fund for the group at once.Stop staving innocent people who worked hard to invest the funds please.This behavior is common now of fledding with village community bank.

  2. Bola akamadzapedzeka asadzakhale atanjatidwa ndi zingwe za bulangete, chiguduli or supageti uku akununkhila perfume, lunch box pambalipa ngati mmene zinawachitikira Achimwene akulu..! kkkkkkkkk paja ma kidnappers akuMalawi

  3. Nanga Zomuchinda sinukunena bwa kkkkk azima awa akumasowa anthu owachida bwino amuna ao amatanganidwa amagowachinda imodzi akagokoza mamuna akuyizulo pomwe mai sanamalize shame mama kikkikiki muziwe malawi ndi ameneyu mupeze ma paza kikikiki akuoneka angakhale zokoka zabwinotu

  4. Very strange its our peacefull country so this kidnp issue is serious. Plz rescue her safe n sound. Also for next time this shudnt b hpn again

  5. Ndiwochenjera ameneyo ndalama kupasa muthu wochenjera ngati ameneyo muiwale ndalama zanu zapita basi filimu (film ) ndiyimeneyo alongosi monse sorry

  6. Sorry,she is the mother the bread winner to other people, tomorrow can be you,your relative ,your son ,will you comment the same?

  7. This is what i call bussiness. …i like those guyz demand a good amount and to be paid within 24hrs failing of which she will disappear…and dnt involve cops..

  8. Thats bad but people why u let her keep that large sum of money fo u where is the bank to do fo u hey wake up smell the coffee

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