Armyworms attack crops in Balaka


Armyworms have destroyed crops in Balaka, the District Agriculture Development Office in Balaka has said.

Agriculture Development Officer for Balaka Denis Zingeni said the district is still carrying out an assessment of the fall armyworm outbreak in the district.

Dr Albert Changaya
Albert Changaya: Half of Malawi’s irrigation maize has been affected by the armyworms.

Zingeni however said atleast 500 hectares of crops have been affected by the outbreak.

The development in Balaka follows an outbreak of a similar pest, which attacks maize crops, in some other districts last month.

It is reported that farmers who planted earlier this year in Balaka and other districts are the most affected.

Recently, Controller of Agriculture Extension and Technical Services Albert Changaya said half of Malawi’s irrigation maize has been affected by the armyworms.

Speaking at a UN Food and Agricultural Organisation conference in South Africa, Changaya said 35,870 hectares, which is 50.3 percent, of the planted irrigation maize had been destroyed by October.



  1. This is a sign of end time more is coming. Men shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

  2. Come To Mzimba, You Will See Them On Maize Which Was Planted In October On River Gardens, Some Of It As Early As September Of Which The Surviving Crops Are Yet To Mature At The End Of This Month. These Armyworms Were Here Last Year And Are Still Here Now Feeding On Growing Maize. In Malawi, There Are Many If Not Most Districts Which Are Affected By These Pests. Its Not Amazing.

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