DPP wants to bring me down – Chiumia


Minister of Civic Education and Community Development Grace Chiumia has said some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members want to tarnish her image and end her political career.

Chiumia said this is happening following her claims that the Peter Mutharika government does not want the electoral reforms bills to be tabled in Parliament.

Chiumia: I know the people who are fighting me.

The minister told the local media that there are people in the DPP who want to use the remarks, which she made at a rally recently, to bring her down.

“I know the people who are fighting me. It is sad that, instead of us working hard asking people to join us, they are busy denting [my image] using all means they can,” Chiumia said.

She added that her comments on the reforms bills were aimed at highlighting the disadvantages of the proposed laws since proponents of the bills are only mentioning its advantages.

“I know that maybe when I was trying to simplify the meaning of such reforms at the rally, I might have gone astray. Therefore, if that is the case, it must not be taken officially,” Chiumia said.

Government has since started circulating the reforms bills which if passed will change the system of electing the president from the First Past the Post to the 50+1 percent system.



  1. The way she speaks and acts ndakaika ngat amuna awo alipamtendere ndakaikanso ngat amawapatsa mwendo kkkkkkk eeeeee maiwa ndimoto ishhh

  2. Dont you know up to now that you are being used as a tool to castigate and intimidate fellow people from the North so that their voices should not be held?There are so many examples and tricks that previous ruling parties have used so that the whole region should be behind them.You will remember these words sooner than later.

  3. Mai, musadabwe nazo izi ayi. Mukukumbukira munayankha pemphero pa 6th July 2017 ku Mzuzu la Mbusa wa Livingstonia pomwe amapempha Mulungu za mavuto a Malawi? Chachiwiri mwayankhanso za ma Bishop a Ekelezia Katolika. Mukukumbukira Malemu Bingu atayankha Pemphero la Bishop Zuza ku Trade Fair zotsatira zake zinali ziti? Alipo amene adayankhapo kalata ya Paulo yopita kwa Akorinto?

  4. Mwaiwala kuti munnalanda makiyi a minbus Ku mzuzu mizimmu yakwiya amai ndiye mulungu wamva zomwe mupanga tsiku limene linja

  5. Yes Madam, I will tell you the reason why, incase you indeed really don’t know. Just reflect, honesty, on how you have traded and interlocked yourself just this ending yearVsDPPs image and reputation, as a party!! Do a similar critical analysis with your GS, (Geoff wa Geoff) and share with me the findings, madam!!See and evaluate what has been APMs reaction so far?Some people have fought and contributed to that party gravely, yet got nothing!! Politics is a game of power, whether you agree or not. The recent by_ election results (5_1)report to APM, has some pages mentioning you and the GS, as contributing factors (amongst many) to the bad public relations of the party. Now, tell me mama, can everyone in the party honesty love you?????

  6. Kkkkkk.. Picking a job that makes you abandon all your professional files and adhere to only one during cabinet meetings is dangerous!! Politics is indeed dirty madam..kkkkkk

  7. Madam u have a problem.u don’t consult when discharging your duties.In all ministries that you have chaired u have been bringing problems and I don’t know why does this big dude keeps you in the cabinet.Or else it was a token of appreciation for you to remain in the cabinet for the rest of your 5 years?see today people are fed up with you.Let’s not take Malawinanso for granted.Yakwiya ndi mizimu.

  8. Madam,politics is a dirty game do politics as a politician. I think follow your calling/passion. Let me give you a gud example. In RSA Jeff Redebe( Minister in Presidency) is the only minister who has served in cabinet from Mandela time til now. Why? He is silent. The mistake we make as politicians is our mouth. Silence is never misquoted. All ministers who quit politics are considered heros hence they carry the dignity. Before you become a door mat madam pls invest & go to business or come to Jesus. Those are the only areas where you can please everyone. You are intelligent but intelligence at a wrong place and at a wrong time is like tearing an MCP card in front of Malawi Young Pioneers. If you become a gud business person or preacher all people will forget all bad but in politics most people praise you when you die. Look at Kamuzu Banda’s last days. People insulted him everywhere but now all Malawians praise him when they look at where Malawi is now. That’s why politics is a dirty game. So its up to you I close my case.

  9. Not all hate you.There are some you impress because of your brevery.Dont worry ,contnue doing good.Many male mps make alot of nonsense but not many talk about them.Get courage and work hard.

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  11. Milumuzana ,mikhatheya,akatakwe,madolo,miphula ng’ona,akatundu omanga ndi mawaya, tikunena chakwela Ali pheeeee!!! Kudikila 2019..inu a DPP mukungoyanganayangana.

  12. Face your muzik and dance to the tune. For me no sympathy. You commanded police to arrest innocent people because you wanted to be number one. Look they will use you like a condom after game throw away in dust bin

  13. No madam sometimes you act as if you are everything yourself you don’t consult your fellow DPP! This is why anyone who is doing according to his wish by arresting innocent people and he/she forgets that she is spoiling the good name of the party hence they will truly bring you down afterall you are not the first one to be brought down so watch out your footsteps madam!

  14. Collect me pls u should not say aku north mmatichittsa manyazi let us respect each other at all corners of malawi as malawian not as akumpoto akumwera apakati therefore everyone will be delted as some1 not mutundu. Our devision also contribute alot to what malawi faces

  15. Kkkkk the problem is that you speak as if you know everything about DPP yet you know nothing Madam, So ngati mukukanika nokha kukondana kuli bwanji a Malawife, nde poti mumazitenga opambana tiyeni nazo.

  16. So you want to buy peoples’ sympathy? Ukagwere! How many times have you gone astray? Your problem is you want to become a “good girl” in the eyes of apm.

  17. yah u are an asshole don’t let malawians into it u thought ure clever whn u make some of good citizens arrested with ur puppet mzuzu police now its up to u


  18. Ine ndi Wa Mcp koma mai Awa saziwa chomwe akupanga .anamangitsa ana wosalakwa lero ndi awa.mr president fire zipita akutichitisa manyazi anthu a north

  19. Your stinking mouth is the one that will bring you down madam. Everything that you speak stinks. The best way to win the trust of your work mates and yes, the people is to wash your mouth before speaking.

  20. She’s the one to blame look at how she handled NRB officers issue. Things are turning back to you. May it be waste than this.

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