Man jailed for attempted robbery


The Second Grade Magistrate Court in Limbe has sentenced a 21-year-old man to 7 years imprisonment with hard labour for attempted robbery.

According to Deputy Public Relations Officer for Limbe Police Station Patrick Mussa,   the convict Frank Chikaonda on 30 October, 2017 assaulted Richard Kamangira at Maselema in the city of Blantyre during a robbery attempt.

On the said date, the victim who works with Rock Security Services was on duty at Lamat Building in Maselema in Limbe.

“At around 12 midnight, the convict together with two friends came to the said building with intent to steal vehicle tyres, they attacked the guard but the guard managed to apprehend the convict and called for help,” he explained.

The other two thieves escaped and are still at large. The apprehended thief Chikaonda was later taken to Limbe Police Station.

In court, Second Grade Magistrate Patrick Mwamale sentenced Chikaonda to 7 years in jail.

Frank Chikaonda hails from Nanguni village, Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre.

In a related development, Machinga Police is keeping in custody a 53-year-old man who was found with medical drugs without licence.

Machinga Police Station Public Relations Officer Davie Sulumba has identified the suspect as Alex Chalopa.

Sulumba said on Wednesday police were tipped off that the suspect was selling medical drugs at Msosa Market.

“Follow up was made which resulted in the arrest of the suspect and seizure of drugs such as Indocide, LA, Amoxyline, Ephromiziln, Bactrim and Panado.

Meanwhile Chalopa will appear before court after police investigations and is expected to answer the charge of possessing medical drugs without licence which is in conflict with section 329 of the penal code as read with section 65 of Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Act.

Police are therefore advising people to avoid buying medical drugs from local markets because other medicine might be expired due to storage status.

Chalopa comes from Matewe village in the area of Traditional Authority Mlumbe in Zomba district.



  1. Fotseki. Dziko lokondera andalama ili. 7 years just for attempted robbery? One day you will answer before God. Chaponda is free because he has money but one thing you have to know is that tsiku likubwera lomwe ndalama sidzagwira nchito.Ndakwiya nanu ana anjoka inu.

  2. bt ma judge amapitabku school or amangonmganiza po basi chaponda is still free more ov the cash gate are free peter is free why are u judges doing it for poor Malawians God judge this person the same as he judge this poor person

  3. Zachamba ……. Why 7 years ….he deserves 7 weeks basi. Anthu okuba ma billion mukuwasiya scott free ……. Dumb generation ……dumb lawyers ……dumb judges ……dumb and distorted justice.

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