Donors warn of looting during election period


Malawi’s development partners have warned government officials against stealing public funds in the run up to the 2019 elections.

The donors have said public funds should be safeguarded between now and the 2019 elections to avoid massive looting.


Mutharika with US Ambassador Palmer

Heads of Mission of the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Japan, the European Union, and the United Nations have made the call in a Joint Statement on International Anti-Corruption Day. The day is observed annually on December 9.

“We recall that Malawi’s high profile “cashgate” scandal happened in the run-up to the 2014 elections. We call on all stakeholders, led by the authorities, to safeguard scarce public resources between now and the next elections,” says the donors in the statement.

They also note that corruption is worsening despite improvements in public finance management and introduction of laws on access to information, financial crimes, and political parties.

The development partners have therefore urged government to implement further reforms to reduce the vice.

They have also called on the Peter Mutharika administration to ensure independence of Anti-Corruption Bureau and have told public institutions to ensure strong controls are in place and that civil servants are held to account.

“The Procurement Act should be put into practice as a priority, including merit-based recruitment of staff of the new Public Procurement Authority. All accountability institutions should be adequately resourced to fulfill their mandate effectively.

“The private sector must respect the law and report suspicious transactions to the Financial Intelligence Authority and other institutions,” says the donors in the statement.



  1. if the incumbent president lost election i dont think he/she can just pack and go without taking govt resources….never, that is what kept JB abroad up to date.

    so with the hearse that DPP might lose 2019 polls, to avoid repeating the same scandal, donors issue a warning in advance. “dont steal public belongings during election”

  2. Admin koma za wanderaz waziziwa iwe mwina nawenso unakwela ganyu pamodzi ndi azako achingadwe fc koma ndiye mwagwa nayo

  3. If chickens are more clever than the people, any leader will take an advantage of its citizens through corruption and the donors have noticed that. The citizens are only clever on Facebook but in reality they are sympathetic.

  4. Things went wrong during the time we were changing gorvenment system from one party to democracy we ware just enjoying not pointing out wrong things now the problem got concrete foundation nobody can break it and we are still craying manly we poor people intelligent people were there in those days instead of building good Malawi they were busy kumaomba mmanja now look where Malawi is heading eeeesh two late to save jalusalem chakwela he’s after money not to save people shame to you who call yourself educated people you destroy malawi

  5. guyz palibe amene sangabe pamalawi pano coz alinse amaba kutengera posion yomwe ali kamuzu adaba, muluz ndiye osanena, nanj bingu, JB, peter, chakwera ku mpingo amaba mpaka kungothawa. ndan mukuganiza kut angalamurire dziko lino osaba ndiye mulungu yekha bas

  6. maize-gate, MSB-gate, Escom generator-gate, Escom-gate, Admark-gate, Water boards-gate, OPC sofa-gate, blue night-gate, 236 billion cash-gate pls our heavenly God hear your sons and daughters oyipa a titha tonse one thing I know will never leave us let’s continuer praying

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