K64 million furniture for Mutharika’s aide raises eyebrows

A decision by the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) to approve a whooping sum of K64 million to be spent on procurement of furniture for the office of Chief Secretary to Malawi Government Lloyd Muhara, has raised serious concerns among Malawians.

Procurement of furniture in Muhara’s office has raised concerns.

In a letter dated November 17, 2017 the Chief Secretary wrote to the Office of Director of Public Procurement requesting a ‘No Objection’ to the procurement which will be made through a single supplier.

The letter bearing reference number 15/38/10 says that the Internal Procurement Committee at the Office of the President and Cabinet has already approved the purchase of the furniture.

“The Internal Procurement Committee agreed to use single sourcing method for refurnishing the Chief Secretary’s Office because of the sensitivity of the office,” reads part of letter.

It adds that the committee identified EQWIP Interior Works to refurnish the office at a price of K64,157,439.

This comes at a time when economic challenges continue to affect the country.

Economic expert Henry Kachaje has blamed government for spending such an amount of money amid public outcry on government to solve social-economic hiccups facing the country.

Reacting to the cost of the furniture, social commentator Onjezani Kenani said: “Good Lord, what madness is this? K64 million to simply furnish the office of the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet? Really? What furniture will he be sitting on? Made of gold?”






  1. Koma Malawi sadzathekanso. I’m sure corruption in our country is genetic, no matter how we may try to root it out, and no matter donors threaten to stop helping us, it is incurable.I’m sure we need supernatural powers to get rid of this monster called corruption, humanity has completely failed.

  2. Kumakhala pachimpando cha wofuwofu mudziko lomwe muli umphawi wochuluka sinkhaza kodi zimenezo?
    Mabungwe a za ufulu ali kuti kodi???

  3. Misonkho yathutu imatiwawa…

    Had it been kuti boma lili ndi ma business olongosoka omwe akukupasani ndalama zoseweresazo.

    64 million kwacha mugule furniture bwanji osakaapasa achinyamata kumidzi azikapanga ma business bwanji?
    Umphawi uli ku Malawi kuno suukumvesani chisoni eti?
    Kodi ndiye kuti simususana mukamapanga ma plan anuwo kut mukupangazo nzopusa nzoperera?

    Mulungu akudzuzuleni anthu inu…

  4. Koma president mwamva zimenezo 64 millions kwacha ,ndiye mukuti chiyani kapena umeneo ndiye u professor kuphunnzira kwambiri ,bola kugula mabulasi

  5. Give us a consistent power supply first…64 million for furniture? Come on guys be serious with tax payers money.

  6. Jesus Christ! That’s an entire house! With the state of economy in the lowest of shambles, used furniture from the second hand store would be the most appropriate, not some luxurious, expensive stuff. But who am I kidding here, after-all this man’s boss, Mutharika, is as clueless as a chicken crossing the road.

  7. III! Buying furniture up to the tune of k64m? Ii kaya, only God knows, He is the best judge. Meanwhile inspite of an outcry for an acute shortages of medicines in hospitals someone has the dutch courage to splash k64m on furniture? That’s Likaomba otheratu. Mmm do such people go to church? If they do, to do what? Indeed we are in end times when people will be selfish.

    1. Tawakali, u have hit the nail on the head, u’re very right, time will tell coz when time is ripe change happens spontenously.

  8. Someone is dying,due to drug short, then one comes to say its small money,guys put aside what you support and turn to humanity, its not fair they need furniture but not much ,

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    1. An average Malawian does not buy furniture of more than half a million… and there is a difference btwn my money and gvt money.. My money i spend according to my priorities and gvt’s money ought to be spent according to national priorities and interests.. Thirdly we can not jst say it’s a big office therefore expensive furniture.. We also av to look at our country economics, we can not av the same furniture in APM’s office as that in the oval office jts Coz they both office of Presidents noo we differ economically

  10. Lets just kill these thieves if opportunities allow it.. Otherwise will finish everything while still office by 2019.. African black magic would be the best..

  11. Channel that money 2 improve the electricity problem. then u can come back 2 that later bwana aaaaaah….how do u set priorities kansi humm.? Don’t follow de Zuma disease pliz naimwe bwana tapapata.! Tizakutantulani monga Ba Mugabe ka ooooo…

  12. moti aliyense akalakwitsa mma office aboma from chitipa to nsanje then we will blame the president ? unless if we are morons that we dont know office procedures. even the chief Secretary himself can not be busy with office furniture otherwise this is a decision made by under Secretaries with procurement officers at the office of president and cabinet which is at capital hill not at kamuzu palace.

  13. That’s what any leader can do on sleeping Nation as Malawi, we should blame ourselves for putting fools into power, mkumawombera mmanja zopusa.

    1. You are the most foolish person ever, I have seen from your comment that you are awkward and lacks direction,and even more shameful.Please next time show us that you have brains

    2. Yes the most foolish people are the ones who voted the BIGGEST FOOL into power. @ he is not the most foolish person ever. No has spoken the truth Don’t curse people like. You may be the one MOST FOOLISH EVER. U defend the most Foolish things.

  14. Amalawi! Sindalama yoopsa kwenikweni koma vuto ndilakuti tilibe ma companies which can meet the requirements, then the option is importing which will bring this figures

    1. brother like you are saying that seriously. …hahaha…. I think u ought to learn how Thomas Sankara changed his country, learn from the current Magufuli and kagame special aides….. thus a rate of close to 90,000.00 kwacha. have you ever seen the office of Virginia Palmer?

    2. Gents,si ine wa ndale, ndalama imeneyi ikutchulidwa apayi muipange convert to one of major trading currency n then mukugula furniture yo kunjako plus logistics involved ndiyeno zimakhala bwanji? In full respect of ur opinions,

    3. Alex Malunga apangakale zimenezo its about 90000 USD. Now let me tell you the value of this money. It can be used to construct about 9 school blocks that can accommodate not less than 630 students. Thats why we are saying that its insane to spend that money buying office furniture for one person let alone a PS whose office happen to be furnished at the moment.

    4. MR CHUNALA lam just commenting on the procurement of furniture, if we can talk about diverting this funds for another government projects then my opinion definitely will be different

    5. I’m falling to understand why importing furniture for this office like really? it is these same people who are preaching buy Malawi messages n they are busy buying items from outside. … eeeehm practice what you preach

    6. My brother as far as we Africans we are consumers direct or indirect….check on most governments in Africa when we are talking about procurement, you will see most of the nation prefers to import, why?,they want to meet the standards.

    7. And not only to meet the standards rather but to steal some money like they did with the Maize purchase deal from Zambia…….

    8. #Kennedy People like #Alex are the ones who are destroying Malawi. I blame such mentality thinking born either out of ignorance, corruptible mind, or education foolishness. The guy cannot even see that the process is a way of milking taxpayer’s money to fund activities of a party. The guy cannot even see that is a misplacement of priorities. Who is to blame if Malawi does not have competent companies as he says ?

    9. It’s white monopoly,check the system they use in the procurement protocols,people when you raise an argument check it, izi sizinthu za nyumba ya muthu kuti wadzuka akufuna sofa wawuyamba ulendo waku ndirande kukagula sofa,aaaaah aaaaah it’s state furniture

    10. I said before, DPP Cades back up all foolish things their silly Masters do! Any sensible person cannot support this furniture purchase. Paja Muhara ngwa Ku Thyolo kapena Mulanje? Eereeeeeish Malawi DPP Nepotism!!

    11. Mr Banda ndinu olephela sindikudziwa ngati mumadzitsata bwino pakagulidwe katundu wa boma,inuyo tafufuzani if there was an amendment on the procurement act mmalamulo, ndiyeno mudzibwelano ndi mamina anu mukulankhulawa,ine si Wandale ayi koma za ku Malawi pa malamulo nzothyokathyoka zimapangisa amene akulamulira ngati ali ndi mtima okuba, mkuchitika mosawopa, even inuyo a bwana mutatengedwa kukhala pa udindowu mukaba just because you find the system which has loopholes and capitalise on that system

    1. not everything is done or approved by the president. tamazivetsani zinthuzi.umbuli bwanji? you think and believe the president can be busy discussing about furniture or even muhara himself dont even know of this.this is something to do with office procurement and accounts office. inu busy kumva kuwawa ndi president. zoseketsa.learn these issues

    2. Aphozongo ndizoona kuti president sangakhale busy kukambilana za furniture koma dziwani kuti ndalamayi mukuiona yochepa koma ndiyambiri singatuluke chief secretary osadziwa anaisainira ndindani?

    3. president busy with procurement of office furniture? mbuli ndi iwe sumadziwa chilichonse.muli phee kulemba zopusa.mumayidziwa office of chief secretary inu ? mwaona ngati ndi masewera.tadzabwerani ku capital hill .ndiye akakhale busy ndi procurement of office furniture.otherwise sangapite ku mchesi kukagula furniture koma ma shop eni eni be it Egyptian shop and other shops.

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