Dowa council approves MHRRC’s service charters


The Dowa District Council has approved the service charters for water, health, education, agriculture and environment with a call to all governance partners in the district to start implementing them now.

The service charters were formulated by the Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre (MHRRC) with financial and technical assistance from the Danish Church Aid (DCA) in two traditional authorities of the district, Kayembe and Chiwere.

Dowa to move to another level.(File)

The approval by the council is a step forward for all the partners to support the implementation of the charters to the other traditional authorities such as Mkukula, Dzoole, Msakambewa, Chakhaza, Chiwere and Mponela.

Speaking Thursday during a District executive council committee meeting held at the boma, Dowa District Council’s Acting Director of Planning and Development, Martin Pindamkono called on partners to start now supporting meetings with fuel and other resources for selling the service charters to the public in the district for smooth implementation.

Pindamkono said with the formulation of the charters, the communities of the district will be expecting a lot from the council’s service deliveries, hence relying on partners to help carry the message across.

Dowa district Acting Education Manager (DEM), Josephy Chafukira asked the partners to come in and support any sector can be good for them so that all the people in the district benefit equally.

In her remarks, the MHRRC’s Project Officer, Chimwemwe Sakunda thanked the council for approving the service standards saying the formulation of the standards was not for his organization only but the council as a whole.

“If all the partners and stakeholders take a lead in selling out the formulated charters to those who are in need, Dowa will move to another level in the interest of all,” Sakunda said.

She informed the house that a partner, the Parent and Child Initiative (PACHI), has pledged to support the translation of the charters from English to Chichewa for all the people in the district to understand and take part in the implementation processes.

The MHRRC is implementing a two year (2016 – 2018) Citizen Voice and Action in Local Governance and Development Processes project in the areas of Traditional Authorities Kayembe and Chiwere in Dowa district with similar interventions in Chitipa district.




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