No more Fanta and Cola-cola

Malawians unhappy with the change.

Malawians have accused Castel, the company that has taken over Carlsberg, of changing the bottle of Coca-Cola without telling consumers.

According to Malawians, the company has started packaging Coca-Cola in a bottle similar to the one used to package Cherryplum.

This has led to confusions as consumers are buying Coca-Cola thinking it is Cherryplum.

“This Castel Company changed the Coca-Cola bottle without any announcement and I thought I was having Cherryplum so pissed,” complained one Malawian on social media.

“It tastes so bad,” chipped in another Malawian.

Castel recently took over Carlsberg Malawi after Carlsberg Group sold its entire 59% stake in Carlsberg to the French company.

As part of the deal, Castel agreed to continue producing Carlsberg beer for the next 10 years.



  1. I love this! kkkk its only in zambia that any company can do anything to advantage its self at the expence of the citizenry.

  2. Which is which? No more coca cola or coca cola has changed is now being bottled in new bottles? Nkhani iyi should be about the confusion between customers since both cola and cocacola are tge products of sobo.

  3. This post just shows us the type of journalists we have in Malawi. Its very bad and very misleading, here is why. Sobo are not the owners of coca-cola brand. They are manufacturing coca-cola under the licence from coca-cola company. Sobo manufactures their own brand which is cocopina and cherryplum. Upon seeing competition from frozy they themselves introduced sobo orange, sobo cola (the drink you are refering to here) etc. They are actually bottled in bottles lebelled Sobo. Now the bottle of coca–cola is the same world wide because the coca-cola company want to maintain their coca-cola brand memorable. Unless you tell us that licence for manufacturing sobo has been revoked from sobo or has expired then we will say sobo no longer manufactures coke. To make matters worse the drink you are referring to is cola and not coca-cola.

  4. That’s end of Malawi if they doing that Shem in Malawi tizingo khalabe kunja basi poti ziko lathu likutha zimene zikuchitikozo kaya koma

  5. Boma la Malawi latha
    Lero mukakhala muzidziwa kuti Malawi anali kale lero mafulufute anawatsekela ku una

    1. These people take advantage of us malawians because we so humble and they think we Dom and stupid but forget that we learn from the best so called English momiesh and now they Wana bring their Italian shit in our sweet home

  6. This must be a total lie. It has never happened anywhere in the world. Coke, Fanta & Sprite is universal. It’s the Coca-Cola company only that holds the mandate to change shapes of the bottles.

    1. Neither bottle nor brand will change. Same taste. Fanta and Coke in universal bottle. No Fanta in a different bottle. Fanta orange, grape ? lemon ? ?…… best ever.

  7. froze kuzalowa m’malo ndipo sitikudandaula apite bwino……..nalo boma la malawi ndichani chomwe akupanga magetsi kumadzima dairy ngati munthu ukumwa mankhwala ma ARV?chotcho ma company asathawe?vuto ili ku malawi kuno ndiloti amene ndi ochita bwino amakondwa akamationa tikamawapempha samafuna kutiona tikuchita bwino

    1. Hahahahaha…..tiyamike kampani imeneyi..ndipo ife tizamwa ndi kutakasa momasuka..nanga azikatani Fanta kulibe…BPL ndi iyinso ikupita ku off season..kkkk

    1. koyambako was typo-error, koma kachiwiriko alemba bohboh. Komanso or utati ukuthamanga bwanji munthu sungadziwe kuti ku malawi kuno kulibe such drink as cola-cola komanso m’bale wa fanta ndi coca-cola

  8. Admin do your research again this news doesn’t make sense.Fanta and Coca-Cola can’t just change in Malawi only but the whole world.

  9. We Will Consume Frozy From Maputo And Tangy From Lusaka If Coca Cola And Fanta Will Not Be On Shelves. Change Of Name Or Ownership Can Change A Lot Of Things

  10. koma nde atisokoneza2 ife popephesa ndalama mwachidule timangoti tachita ya fanta makamaka azanthu awa amavala zoyela amakhala pa msewu(traffic)

    1. Fanta and Coca-Cola are universal beverages. It is a common drink and for everyone bottled under authority of Coca-Cola company. No drink in the world, apart from natural mineral water has ever beaten Fanta and Coca-Cola. Take time and money to travel around the world. Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Africa. All countries of the world. I was born and brought up into me where I am now. Fanta and Coca-Cola are always available. In groceries, restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, shopping malls ……..

    2. Kodi mukutanipo pa comment yangay??? Space yolemba ma comment yantha iyaaaa kalembeni anu…. iyeeeee kuzimva u Carstel ambassador eti

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