Mozambican Police shoot Malawian man


Mozambican forces have shot dead a Malawian at Makanjira in Mangochi amid tensions between Malawians and Mozambicans.

Reports reveal three men in uniform from Mozambique shot a man at his compound.

One other person was injured during the fracas that was caused by border disputes between Malawians and Mozambicans in the area.

Malawi Police

Mangochi District Commissioner (DC) Reverend Moses Chimphepo confirmed the reports saying the matter is now being handled at diplomatic level between Malawi and Mozambique.

Communities from TA Makanjira have been complaining of harassment from Mozambican officials following border reaffirmation exercise.

Malawi citizens in the border area said Mozambicans claimed land that belongs to Malawians.
During a meeting in Maputo, the two countries agreed that the new boundaries should not affect the social status of the affected people until August this year when a final decision will be made.

Officials from ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development earlier this year visited the victimized areas and opted to engage the ministry of home affairs for the safety of Malawi citizens.

The incident is coming a day after the end of the 11th Malawi/Mozambique Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security (JPCDS) that opened Sunday in Mangochi.

Ministry of Defence Principal Secretary (PS) Chauncy Simwaka said they tackled boundary conflicts in Makanjira following a World Bank-funded exercise aimed at retracing the boundaries between Malawi and Mozambique.

“We share common challenges in defence and security areas. We are grappling with the irregular migration of immigrants, mostly from the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region who mostly use our countries as a transit to other destinations,” said Simwaka.


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