Businessman behind bars over fake banknotes

Fake banknotes

A 45 year old Mzuzu based businessman was arrested on Sunday in Mzimba as he wanted to buy beer using fake money.

According to public relations officer for Mzimba police Peter Botha, the businessman Pacharo Nyoni was arrested after the bar tender found that the six K2000 notes the man had paid had the same serial number.

“Pacharo Nyoni who owns a garage at Luwinga in Mzuzu had K40,000 in total and wanted to use K12,000 for beer.

“It was discovered by the bar tender that the money was not original as the notes were bearing the same serial number,” said Botha.

The police arrested him and discovered that of the K40000 he had, K28,000 was in fake K2000 notes.

Nyoni is the fifth person to be found with fake Malawian currency in Mzimba in a period of two months.

On 19th October Police arrested 3 men in Mbalachanda in Mzimba who were found with K4.9 million in fake K2000 notes. The case is still in court.

Pacharo Nyoni, 45, comes from Khosolo Jere village in T/A Khonsolo in Mzimba and is to appear before court soon to answer charges of being found in possession of fake currency.

The most common fake banknotes used to steal from people are the K2,000 and K1,000 notes.



  1. The way that the constitution did is not good to accepted to making k5000 it’s not good, this way they makes Malawi to fall down his current

  2. ndimene ndalama yavutilamu tidzingotelo basi. ameneyu nde mumumange akuba ndalama zachimanga aja nde kuwasiya aaaa malawi dziko ndilokondeladi ili

  3. Vuto siiyeyu komano Bomalo popanga chipange pange notes zanuzo nanga mpaka k2,000 yogwirana ndemkutiso mpanga k5,000,aaa msiyeni azipita mpase zabwinozo

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