Atupele Muluzi condemns drug theft


Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi has condemned medical personnel who steal drugs and medical equipment in the county’s public hospitals.

Muluzi said despite different warnings on the same, cases of drug theft continue to rise in the health sector.

Atupele Muluzi

Atupele: We are making efforts to end drug theft.

He said the ministry is working hard to deal with this matter which he said is affecting people in the country.

“As the ministry of health we are making sure this problem of stealing drugs and medical equipment should end by recruiting medical personnel who love their job,” he said.

The minister therefore warned health workers   involved in drug theft that they will face the law and receive stiff punishments.

Muluzi added that people working in public hospitals should be transparent and accountable enough when conducting their duties.

He then asked partners to work hand in hand with the ministry by creating awareness through sensitisation campaigns in parts of the country.

The minister also pleaded with the general public to be patriotic by reporting the perpetrators to police in order to deal with the matter.




  1. Hope it better got stolen.
    Longtime you lied to us about EN even our parents en our fore fathers.
    To drug means to poison.
    Tell Malawians about it
    Use the herbs as were given onto us as per Genesis 1-29 Psalms 98-4 & Revelations 22 and God assured us that we will not die
    Mwatiphela kwambiri abale athu kamba koti simmatha kuzipamgila nokha koma kupangilidwa
    Nanga ntakufutsa drug wa mapilisiyo ndi cocaine formation yake ikuaiyana pati?
    Mmati schooluyi yatipwwtekwla abale ambiri ndiinu nomwe mutisowetsa nayo ntendele.

  2. If you Atupele has powers just close the private hospitals that are every where in the cities and towns.Coz some drugs are going into such private hospitals.

  3. Asadabwe lero Atupere Muluzi zimenzi zidayambika mu ulamuliro wa Bakiri Muluzi omwe ndi Bambo ako. Iweyo ukadwara umaononga misonkho yathu kupita kunja ku chipatara.

  4. Why is every health minister is talking like that but drug theft is escalating? These pple are entertainers. 3 years same problem. Crooks are steering us

  5. Pepani Atupele mbizi imadya aimangilira ngati mulindifunso mwafunse aGeorge Chaponda anaponda chimamga anthu kufa ndinjara ndiye abe mankhwala a5,000 kwacha basi

  6. This problem has been there time in memorial but it seems more and ofcourse those in command benefit from this syndicate hence no drastic measures taken

  7. Actually I didn’t read the post, assistant lecturer in anthropology at the Catholic University of Malawi, said the roots of the vampire scares were in ‘economic hardships and inequalities’.

    ‘It’s the rich versus the poor. The poor believe the rich are greedy and are sucking the blood of poor people,’ he said.

    Malawi is largely reliant on foreign aid, but some locals view the assistance with suspicion.

    ‘To villagers, the thinking is that no gift is for free… you pay back through blood,’ said Mtuta.

    He has researched the vampire phenomenon and has warned that violence would ‘resurface unless the government learns how to handle contemporary issues’.

    McDonald Kolokombe, a clerk at the state-run Likhubula forest reserve, noted that the number of tourists visiting the Mulanje area had collapsed since mid-September.

    ‘The communities rely on visitors to feed their families working as tour guides, porters and selling curios,’ he said.

    ‘We are starving because of a bad rumour about blood suckers,’ added amateur tour guide Eric Yohane. ‘It is a big lie.’


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