Atupele Muluzi condemns drug theft


Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi has condemned medical personnel who steal drugs and medical equipment in the county’s public hospitals.

Muluzi said despite different warnings on the same, cases of drug theft continue to rise in the health sector.

Atupele Muluzi

Atupele: We are making efforts to end drug theft.

He said the ministry is working hard to deal with this matter which he said is affecting people in the country.

“As the ministry of health we are making sure this problem of stealing drugs and medical equipment should end by recruiting medical personnel who love their job,” he said.

The minister therefore warned health workers   involved in drug theft that they will face the law and receive stiff punishments.

Muluzi added that people working in public hospitals should be transparent and accountable enough when conducting their duties.

He then asked partners to work hand in hand with the ministry by creating awareness through sensitisation campaigns in parts of the country.

The minister also pleaded with the general public to be patriotic by reporting the perpetrators to police in order to deal with the matter.



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