Erase death penalty in our penal code – Balaka chiefs


Chiefs in Balaka district have called on government to permanently remove death penalty in the penal code that was suspended in 2007.

According to the Chiefs, Malawi needs to respect right to life of inmates who are sentenced to death.

Chief Nsamala
Senior Chief Nsamala; Has asked Govt to remove death penalty in the penal code.

Speaking at the commemoration of ‘cities of life’ by Community of Saint Egidio in Balaka, Senior Chief Nsamala called on government to remove death penalty in the penal code saying the country should focus on transforming people who are sentenced to capital punishment.

“We would have loved if government had removed death penalty in our penal code, some people are sentenced to serve jail terms without committing the offense and we may kill such person because they didn’t have a lawyer to follow up the case for them to get justice,” said chief Nsamala.

Concurring with Nsamala, Inkosi Chathunya added that government must not give capital punish saying killing does not reflect Malawi being a God- fearing nation.

Citing a Biblical story of Mose’s life, Apostle Andrew Makharamba of Destiny Ministries International in Balaka said the country must transform those sentenced to have capital punishment to be responsible citizens.

“When we read the Bible, Moses was a murderer, he killed someone in Egypt but look God used him to go and liberate the Israelites, what if he was sentenced to death penalty,” said Makharamba.

Responsible person for the Community of Saint Egidio in Balaka Potipher Magombo said the community is to ensure that Malawi has ommitted the death penalty in the penal code despite the law being declared unconstitutional.

Every year the Community of Saint Egidio commemorate the abolition of death penalty in laws of countries in the World.

This year’s commemoration were under the theme “No justice without life”.



  1. The removal of such a penalty can’t help Malawi. I suggest that we include big corruption offenses by govt leaders to be punishable by death sentence. This is a sure way of combating corruption effectively!!! What do you think?

    1. Many families today protect their children who are murderers in the name of love. Wild dangerous animals cannot be enjoying in the village eating their sheep, cattles, chickens etc. The bush is their home. Your child, relative, friend who is a danger to the society, the bush must take care of that person.

    2. any crime which qualifies a cetain level of punishment must be given to him accordingly…they must be brought to book and justice….u can’t feel pity to a murderer

  2. Gradually our rights are being taken away and being replaced by those of the criminals . He , late Evison Matafale { MHSRIP} was right when he sang ” Mutiteteze , Muziteteza Nokha . . . .”

  3. We Need It Especially it has to be redesigned to, apart from its current purpose, deal with stealing regardless of its form by public officers and both civil and criminal servants so as to secure transparency and accountability, and corruption regardless of who is who in the society.

  4. It’s very simple to speak like that but when your family member or friend is murdered by robbers for his or her Own properties, then u might understand why capital punishment is necessary

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