Saulos Chilima: read the bishops' letter


Chilima reads letter urging Catholics to join demos

By Mwayi Mkandawire

December 04, 2017

Vice President Saulos Chilima on Sunday read a letter which asks Catholics to join the electoral reforms protest organised by Public Affairs Committee (PAC).

Chilima was tasked with reading announcements at St. Patrick’s Parish on Sunday during mass.

Saulos Chilima: read the bishops’ letter

Among the readings was the letter by Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) which endorses the December 13 demonstrations and calls on Catholic Churches countrywide to mobilise all Catholics to participate in the protests.

The Vice President however made it clear that he was just reading what the church had given him to announce.

The December 13 protests are aimed at expressing disappointment over government’s failure to table the Electoral Reforms Bills and its handling of the Local government reforms.

They will be held under the theme “We Demand Transformative Leadership: Now is the Time to Reclaim our Destiny.”