Malawi media silence on Nyasatimes boss’ rape faulted

Nyasa Times

Renowned activist Ben Chiza Mkandawire has condemned Malawi media for not criticising Nyasatimes boss Thom Chiumia who raped a girl in United Kingdom (UK).

Nyasa Times
Chiumia (R) accused of raping teenager

Chiumia raped the 17-year-old girl who was babysitting his two kids at his house last week. He was later arrested by police.

Writing on his Facebook page, Mkandawire noted that the girl Chiumia raped is currently taking drugs to protect her from being infected.

He then lashed out at the media for not condemning Chiumia.

“The child that was raped by Thom Chiumia has been put on ARVs for a month to protect her from being infected.

“Malawi media you are all complicit for failing to condemn Thom for this act.

“That little girl will be traumatised for the rest of her life, she has been exposed to danger and you are all quiet. Am not a saint, they say he without sin cast the first,” he said.

Reports show that Chiumia and his wife asked the girl to babysit their two children as they were going to an event.

But Chiumia left his wife at the event and went back to the house where he forced himself on the girl.




  1. ok if you say media is silent then where did we get this infor normal people still condemn by atleast saying something on itq when commenting so you need somemore aaaaaaaa

  2. The silence is not just over the lack of criticism of Chiumia. There is also silence about developments in the case. Is Chiumia still detained? Has he been charged, and if so with what alleged offence. I can find no answers on the internet to these questions. It needs the lazy Malawi media to get off it arm and do some digging for more details.

  3. Let justice rule without favours,truth is like bullet from it can’t change direction if told and it doesn’t fear whether rich,poor,young old,able or disabled.

  4. Yes, Nyasa Times is completely silent about this, and also refuses to post any comments of criticism against Balaam Bushiri. But then again, Malawi 24 just flat out lies about things. Like remember you published how Pastor Anderson is banned from Malawi yet there was no ban at all, or how SAA closed the Lilongwe flight but it didn’t, or how Julius Malema was banned from Malawi but wasn’t…

    1. Zoona man uyu alibe nkhani ife or atiuze zaziiii anatiuza kale zoti a rapper bax taziwa kale kuti ndi mlando akalowa mu Court. Ndiye iye amaganiza kuti aziremba kuti zatani? Koma wa 24 iwe uli against anzako. But remember that if u are aman mawa chilipa iwe.

  5. Is Thom Chiumia a threat to you and others. I wonder why it seems like some media has been witchhunting him and now they have fine an excuse to implicate him. Leave him alone.

    1. I understand Mkandawire obtained his papers via the wakwithu syndrome.Thats why he is absent minded,please forgive him.

  6. He “raped a girl”? Whatever happened to “is alleged to have”? If the matter is in court how are we supposed to refer to this guy? Some fellow went on social media a few days ago and questioned why Malawian media and others were silent on this issue. Fair enough. But since then there’s been a cut-throat rush to condemn the Chiumia fellow, with others calling him all sorts of ugly things; and indeed there have been allegations about other things he is said to have done, making him the very incarnation of evil. But what do journalistic ethics (social media aside) and the legal profession say about how to handle a situation like this? Somebody please “ejukwate” me, as one former president used to say.

  7. This rape case at first l thought it was a hoax now it has gone viral.
    I couldn’t believe this;
    Was it a temptation from the Devil?
    A well known journalist in a FIX, SHAME.

    1. He’s in jail.what do you mean charge him you think UK police is docile like what we have here in Malawi.nxt time do your research before spilling your garbage

  8. It doesn’t make sense to uneducated people what ever woalth people do is good to poor people reason we don’t have eny chance to fight for our rights

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