Tsar Leo, Tay Grin No Days Off Video takes over social media

The wait for the visual side of No Days Off, a top music collaboration involving Tsar Leo, multi-award winning artist Tay Grin and Its Friday is finally over following the video release.

With just a few hours gone, it has taken over the internet’s social media platforms. The visuals have hastily won hearts as evidenced by the bulky positive feedback pouring in from the receiving end.

Tay Grin, Tsa Leo ‘No Days Off’ Video win hearts on social media.

Locally produced, it suffices the eye with its international appeal. Others have described it as one of a kind with high levels of creativity.

Tsar Leo being an artist with instincts for coming up with fully baked music, he had to take his time to come up with a great video.

The latest work is akin to his previous video for a song titled “The Other Side” in as far as flamboyance is concerned.

No Days Off is all about application of maximum effort in the betterment of one’s existence. The collaborating trio did not disappoint on this beat as everyone sang from the heart.

You can watch and download the video on YouTube before it conquers local television channels.

Here is the link for the video




  1. Ah sorry, what Social Media are you tryina talk about? I don’t mean to offend you, but you are just trying to be nice M24… Lol.

  2. It’s a nice video but am sorry, the message of it is useless & can’t inspire many African people, too much wanna be American.The reason why Nigerian musicians are on top is that, they use English in their way & they never try to be Americans

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