Lodge gives maize to vulnerable people


A lodge in Mzuzu has given maize and money to vulnerable people around Chiwanja area in the city of Mzuzu.

Aunt Tina Lodges provided the support to about 60 elderly people, widows, and persons with disabilities.

Each of the persons received 25kgs of maize and money amounting to K5,000.

Managing director of the Aunt Tina Lodges Joe Thomas Nyirongo told Malawi24 they did this as one way of helping residents around the lodges.

“This is part of congratulating people who are surrounding my lodges, am here in Chibanja because of them and as you are aware am a citizen of this area.

“I feel bad when I see some elders, widows and disabled starving and dying with hunger while we are here with something that at least we can assist,” he said.

He added that on 23 December he will host 200 people from helpless families to share a moment as part of Christmas.

Senior block leader for the area Mr Tchetche thanked Aunt Tina Lodges for the donation.

“It is something that we were not expecting to happen in our area as many people here do have money but they are keeping it for themselves, helping elders and other vulnerable people is a great thing to us,” said Tchetche.



    1. Amalawi mulibe pabwino….. Yeseni nthawi zina kuyamika zomwe nzanu wachita it’s not easy to give to someone komwe uli nako…. This God’s blessing ena anampasa madaliso munthuyu sikuti alindi zambiri but mtima ongofuna kuthandiza…..

  1. This is good news.Next time you write “Chakwera is caught pants down” you will be shovelled out of the system completely coz that is shiiiiiiiiit.

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