Bikoko happy in DPP


Lilongwe City Mayor Councillor Dr Desmond Bikoko says he feels home, relaxed and comfortable after his decision to join the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

In an exclusive interview, Bikoko said his conscience is clear that the decision of joining DPP is not against any will or against anybody as some people have wanted others to believe.

Bikoko happy in DPP.

“I am development conscious and I had to make strategic decision in terms of development for the City of Lilongwe. Leaders must be visionary and bold to make the toughest decisions to get the results they want. With joint developmental efforts between Lilongwe City Council and Malawi Government we can get much more done,” said Dr Bikoko.

Commenting on the ten point plan called My City, My Vision, Bikoko said it will be simple now to implement the plan.

The Mayor said  he promised residents of Lilongwe to focus on ten key areas.

He noted that in 10 months as mayor, despite obvious challenges, the council has  reviewed all city by-laws and has drafted new ones, completed auditing of the City Council accounts for the past 10 years, and gazzetted the New Lilongwe Master Plan and Development of the Successor Lilongwe City Development Strategy (2016-2022).

The council has also maintained streetlights and implemented the Lumbadzi sewer rehabilitation projects.

The council has also introduced the Keep Lilongwe City Clean and Green campaign.

“To promote partnership with government institutions and outsourcing of some services where council lacks capacity. We have completed the adopt a street program and signed an MOU with Director of Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety services in enforcing traffic bylaws functional review in order to harmonize organizational structures,” said Dr Bikoko.

“Nothing has changed. Early into my tenure I made the decisions to sit down with all key stakeholders including politicians. Challenges came from within where I faced a lot of resistance but government stepped in to assist and some staff members were removed from the system.”

On assertions that he left MCP because of  frustrations, due to lack of recognition from the party, Bikoko said it is true that some members of MCP were militant but he was quick to say that he never sought special recognition from MCP.

“In January after becoming Mayor, I met Dr. Chakwera at his residence and put it to him that as Mayor, I would have to work with government and he fully understood. Since then, I have stayed away from most MCP political rallies. If I was seeking special recognition, I would have used my status as Mayor to appear at every rally Dr. Chakwera held. Again this goes to tell you how ignorant those who make such assertions are. The problem is that we tend to believe much of the junk we read from social media,’ said Bikoko.



  1. Bikoko chitetezo mufuna Ku DPP won’t last. Akatuluka mmboma amenewo u will still pay ma owings a Tax. And that school? Hiweee

  2. If i had the powers to fire anyone the first person would be the mayor for Lilongwe. Llilongwe city is a shame. Nothing seems to be working. No street lights, unhygeinic, an abbaitor like town hall etc. Where does people’s taxes go?

  3. A Bikoko tangopitani kachetechete tikudziwa kuti ndi malo mwagulitsa mwachisawawa mtown ya capital citywa koma filling station ija ili pa Botom Hospital simunaganizire anthu odwala

  4. Fukwa choti wachokako kma mmene analikomko bwanji simumayankhula?tikamati umbuli uja wagona apa,kumazitsata ndale,mapeto ake mudzisemphanitsa zinthu,ndiizi mukuti dpp ilimadzi fukwa kaliwo ndichakwera agwirizana kukhalangati kaliwoyo walowa mu mcp hahahaha 25 years in democrancy still premature in politics hahahaha

  5. Wachamba bikoko kungoti kumalawi vuto liliko lalikuru zeeedi ,kukhala otsutsa akut citukuko palibe ngat otsutsawo sadura msokho tikuvutikira limodzi mtimabodamu kukhapidwa misokho lero aona kut yalakwa aBikoko akuthawa.

  6. some time it can be a downfall I like prof Peter Mutharika the way he treats the defectors he knows very much ukatyale WA anthu amenewa. Sitiweta chilombo mu nyumba one day it will run away those are prostitute politician just use them and dap them

  7. Hahaha don’t make me laugh he is happy indeed as he has gone back where he belongs party of Thieves, no transparency, no accountability, where robing Malawians Tax is not their concerns, party with No vision, no leadership

  8. Ayenera kusangalala mesa ndiye chipani chake chimenechi. Iye uja adakwatira mwana wa Minister a Dpp yomweyo Bright Msaka komanso akufuna azipezanso business mboma lomweli ya BIKO ya ma fridge samapezanso danga koma lero muwona aziba nawo

  9. Mlw Wake Up! These Pple Will Come Back In The Name Of Prodigo Son & We Will Vote 4 Them Eg Gwengwe. The Problem Is That We Vote 4 Aparty Not A Person So These Pple Find Chance. I Sapot Wt Hapen In Deza Pple Voted 4 Aperson. Tiyeni Tiwazindikire Anthuwa Kuti Dziko Lanthu Lizapite Pasolo

  10. Wanzeru zakuba ku MCP sangakhale ,mwakuti kuchoka kwa bikoko sitingadandaule naye ,koma wasangalala komweka nthawi yachisankho sadzawina

  11. A Mayor who seemed so promising on his election but perfomance disappointing so far. Kudos to MCP for not entertaining his ambition to contest as an MP.

  12. Bikolo just be what you are… Alot is desired in life, but making it perfect is ones satisfaction.. I wished you remained MCP, that’s my opinion.

  13. Ndine Okhumdwa. Anthu Tikuvutika! Thanks That U R Hapy Of Wt We Gave U But Mind U 2019 R U Going 2 Be Hapy Again Or Us Amene Mwatisiyafe

  14. With potholes. Garbage littering the town and poor infrastructure I can very well see that is pretty relaxed as nothing seems to be maintained. Rest in slumber Mr Mayor.

  15. Bikoko Ndiye Kanyama Kanjinso Abale, Wayamba Liti Ndale Ameneyu,? Some People Are Just In Good In Their Respective Homes Not To The Troubled Nation Like Malawi. In Dpp U Cannot Feel At Home But U Feel Safe Interms Of Prosecution And Staff, Kundende Ndi Kowawa.

  16. adadzicepetsera masiku okhala pampandopo ameneo. kumeneko kukuchoka Kandodo Banda inu ndindaniso kt akakuwerengani, uziona mphwanga.

  17. Why shouldnt he be happy??He has gone where he belongs.A bandwagon of thieves.Unless he pays the 15million tax he will be haunted for the rest of his life.We dont keep opportunists in MCP we want the youth who will develop this country holistically not those who are eyeing to enrich themselves.Let him enjoy that but there is a time when he will think of the mistake he has committed today…..Keep on stealing out tax God is watching you

    1. Mr Innocent zikomo kiri mumazitsata komanso idalembedwanso nkhani imeneyi owerenga akudziwa .Dr Bikoko was given a condition either to be taken to court on the issue of tax which he is failing to pay from his businesses or accept to damp MCP and go to DPP

  18. He indeed belongs to poor vision team of thieves. I wondered if this wolf would stand strong among the flock of the sheep.

    1. doctor cardet chilemba kkkk a party full of proffesor and doctor koma mitu yawo ili gwaaa kukanika kubwezeretsa mphavu yamagetsi stupid proffesors and doctors

    2. That’s where we miss as Malawians.
      Too much proud of academic papers but without capabilities.
      Very funny Nation.

  19. He will have that happiness for less than 2 years, his so called stratigic thinking will very soon turns into stratigic self destruction, mark my words he will wish he could turn back the hands of time but circumstances of that time will make him finding it tough

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