Prison asks for vocational training for inmates

Alexious Kamangila
Alexious Kamangila
Kamangila: Has appealed to well-wishers to support the prison.

Authorities at Mulanje Prison have called on well-wishers to help inmates with vocational skills training as part of prisoners’ reformatory process.

Speaking during a visit of Community of Saint Egidio at Mulanje Prison, Station Officer Superintendent Charles Nyangu said the prison needs some technical equipment and instructors to help in vocation skills training.

“We wish if we had vocational skills training to these inmates, so that when they go out after serving their sentences they can be independent financially,” said Nyangu.

He added with a plea to have the prison assisted with carpentry, welding, tinsmith equipment and tailoring machines to help with skills to prisoners.

While assuring that the community of Saint Egidio is to continue supporting the prison through its prison service, a member Alexious Kamangila who is lawyer by profession appealed to well-wishers to join hands in supporting the prison.

“It is our hope that other people of goodwill would support us in funds so that we can continue volunteering through our prison service with financial support adding to the little that we contribute as members to buy basic needs to our brothers and sisters in prisons,” said Kamangila.

Through the prison service, members of the community of Saint Egidio offer hope, love and faith to inmates as they serve the prisoners jail terms.



  1. A good gesture ,once released they have a skill thereby reducing criminal acts in the country,and empowerment for entrepreneurship can be the best solution ,well wishers come to rescue please ,Malawi to curb criminology behaviour to be a state of milk and honey,a penitent iary is reformatory haven.

  2. That’s good because prison it’s not a place for punishment no but a rehabilitation place so I thing government must play a big roll on this issue

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