I keep promises – Mutharika

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: This is a transformation.

President Peter Mutharika has said that he always do what he promises Malawians.

The president made the remarks at Kamuzu Palace in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe during conclusion of the national identity cards mass registration campaign.

In his remarks, Mutharika said the whole process is aimed at transforming the country and fulfilling what he promises Malawians as always.

“Today, we are here to make history. For the first time ever, Malawi has a legal identification system. Every Malawian now has a National Identity Card. This is a transformation.

“The National Identity Card was my promise to the people of Malawi. I have always said I promise what I do and I do what I promise,” Mutharika said.

Malawi’s head of state also thanked Malawians for welcoming the whole initiative.

“When I initiated legislation of the Act in 2009 in my capacity as Minister of Justice, everyone said this is not possible. But we have done it.

“Today our promise is reality. Our dream is happening. I want to thank the people of Malawi for receiving this programme with enthusiasm. When we called upon the nation to register, the response was overwhelming,” the Malawi leader said.

Mutharika also revealed that the mass project has beaten its target of nine million due to willingness of Malawians to register.

“We targeted to register 9 million Malawians in the mass registration exercise. We have beaten our target because every Malawian wants to have an identity card. Over 9 million people are now ready to receive their legal identity by the end of December,” Mutharika said.

“The National Registration and Identification System has an overall total of 9,168,689 (Nine million, one hundred sixty-eight thousand, six hundred and eighty-nine) Malawians. All these will receive their National Identity Cards,” he added.

According to Mutharika, today the mass registration has been closed but people will continue registering.

“Today, we are announcing that we closed mass registration. But it’s only mass registration that is closed. We are not closing registration. There will be continuous registration in progress at all times,” Mutharika said.

The mass registration project was supported by European Union, DFID, USAID, Royal Norwegian Embassy and Irish Aid.



  1. He keeps his promise to ensure malawians remain poor in his hands zikuoneka ndi maso. Kungoti iyeyo akuyembekezera kuuzidwa kuti masophenya ake akwanilitsidwa

  2. Keep Promises my fool,to his partry or to his family member/Lomwes.BUT NOT To malawians.kapena promise yake yakuba pang’no?

  3. This man is doing nothing let’s show him like what Zimbabweans show Mugabe .

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  6. In peter there are a lot of empty promises, fusani akunsanje anawanimiza kut doko amaliza,magesi ndi awo afika pamliliwo,ali buzy kuloza zala chipani cha pp koma akuthamo zaka 4 m’ bomamo zikwavutabe

  7. Please anyone making comment should make it short, so we professional comment readers (PCR) will be able to Read all comments. Thanks for making our work easier!!

  8. Peter is lucky among all the grandpaps alive because at that age he is still called by his first name as in Peter.Back home it is uncalled for to address grandpaps by thier first name. The man is too old to be trusted to run our affairs. And as l said Peter must burry his head in shame for bringing mulili to our country. I have said it before and l will repeat without fear that The name “Mutharika” portens bad omen to our country .

  9. Bodza La Poyerayera anati; ogwira ntchito mumalandira ma change nditazakhala pa mpando ndizizakulipirani, fusani pano, kandalama kakang’ono komwe kaja adayamba kudula K5000 ati pension contribution fund, kod anthu akalewa bwanj samadulidwa koma alandira, kaya pot zikutifotera tokha nyanga za satsi zomwe tidafuna ndye titani? tidzaona poomola nsima mawa

  10. Yes he does. Cashgate is continuing. You also promised us Blackouts which we have now. But 2019 we will show you the Exit door. Ndiwe Bulutu.

    1. DPP is the only party which Malawians had voted and will be voting for up to the end of the times.There a million reasons for this,one among them being that the Professor is a matured politician

    2. Matias Kapito I hope when you say the only party Malawians voted for i hope you know very well that those elections were marred with so many irregularities and inconsistencies… so don’t conclude like that. Yes the DPP are the ones in government but doing nothing… just try and error leadership. They try this if people speak they come and oppose yet they are ones who wanted it….

    1. Bwampini ndi iweyo Innocent Banda,nchifukwa chake ukukanika kulemba ndi chichewa chomwe.Ukamati magetsi akuthima iweyo foni yako watchaja pa chiyani?Khoswe ngati iwe ungatukwane mtsogoleri wa dziko? Si saizi yako,uyang’ane a bongololo anzako uzisewera nawo.WAMVA?

    2. kapito,Mbuli yachabechabe ,khoswe la nkachisi ili.iwe zot anthu agula ma gencet ndi ma solar siukudziwa?.anthu adziopa mbwiyakoyo malo moopa a landlord,nditenga kt ndlama barber shop ndatseka.

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