ESCOM bites Multichoice hard: DSTV, Gotv subscription drops


Multichoice Malawi is feeling the pinch in the wake of persistent blackouts as Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) continues to implement loadshedding programmes.

Multichoice Malawi is suffering along business lines with more of its customers shunning subscriptions for DSTV and Gotv.

DStv Malawi
Nyirenda: We are affected by the problem.

Most people fear losing money on services they can only enjoy for limited time.

Blackouts are hitting the country for as long as 24 hours, save for areas connected to hospital lines as they are enjoying full supply.

This has forced a big number of DSTV and Gotv subscribers to lock their money until the situation is normalised.

Gotv subscriber Elizabeth Machilika from Blantyre told Malawi24 that she would rather deny herself entertainment than have it partially.

She said: “I will wait until electricity is back to normal but for now no entertainment. I do not want to get it in half.”

Some quarters are avoiding full bouquets to save money. They believe denying themselves a bit of entertainment due to power shortages is not good for their social life.

Dennis Mzembe, a DSTV subscriber from Lilongwe said: “I am only paying for small bouquets, I cannot completely cut myself off from entertainment, information and education because of blackouts.”

In an interview with Malawi24 on Tuesday, Multichoice Malawi marketing manager Chimwemwe Nyirenda admitted being affected by the problem.

“The electricity problem has not spared anybody, every sector has been hit hard,” he said in a few words.

Last year, subscribers proposed a prepaid system which would keep them subscribed depending on how they watch. However their informal proposal hit a snag.




  1. pay per view
    you will get more customers believe me koma paja simumva olo tinene bwanj

  2. Frankly speaking, Multichoice has no option here, in all fairness, it has to go pay per view!

  3. Good. I hope DSTV goes bankrupt and leaves Malawi. It is through them that Malawi gets introduced to evil morals like sodomy because the South African DSTV shows all the filth from UK and America which promotes it.

  4. mvula yayamba keanako tiwamva Ife a ESCOM tikupepesa kuti magesi akhala akuvutabe chifukwa choti madzi achuluka choncho machine. athu aonongeka aaaa dziko lazipepeso

  5. Akadakhala ngati amapanga zomwe a ESCOM zoti akazima magetsi sadzichotsera chilichonse bwezi anthu akulipira nkumati akayaka tidzawonera.Koma vuto DSTv&Gotv ndi akubanso coz MAGETSI AZIME/asazime AMACHOTSERABE chinthu chimene chikumatipweteka MA CUSTOMERS AWOFE.ESCOM ikalephera kupereka magetsi sitida nkhawa kwambiri coz amakhala kuti iwowonso AKULUZA KWAMBIRI ndikuzimitsa kwawoko.Chonde ma COMPANY A DSTv & Gotv yesetsani kupanga zomwe A ESCOM amapanga mukalephera zimenezi anthu sadzilipira pokha pokhapo magetsi ADZALONGOSOKE.Mumatibera kwambiri munthu sakuwonera koma mwezi ukangokutha MUMATIDULILANSO which is very unfair

  6. Multichoice fanz open up your eyes,,,,,,,just introduce this issues of units that’s da only way……otherwise muthawaso nanu


  8. I suggested to Multichoice that they should change this system of subscription instead we should pay in form of units as we do with ESCOM.It’s painful to pay monthly yet days of watching are just few.

    1. Business wise they have to consider it….and with the current situation here in Malawi concerning blackouts,they have to think outside the box to keep customers happy

    I wonder why should multichoice depend on Escom only because it’s a huge company with a huge number of customers who depend on that. Can’t you use another way of energy saving like use of solar energy and generator to enrich customers demands. Despite Escom’s not putting much effort on electricity to improve it’s standard of high power supply but you are also letting yourselves down due to the fact that you depend on Escom only without any other means of promoting your business with higher levels of solar energy and use of generator. Thanks for reading and I hope you will make use of my advice.

    1. Nice comment but then, l think you are deviating away from the main issue brother, this is not about Muitchoice,this is about customers. No one is willing to pay DSTV dual view these days, for example in our house..we haven’t payed Dstv dual view for the past two months now instead we have opted to pay for Go tv just because we feel its just a waste of money because we hardly find time to watch dstv due to these blackouts,so insteady of paying for the expensive one that cost close to one hundred thousand we go for the cheaper ones that cost us six thousnd kwacha only hence a big blow to the Dstv company when it comes to sales.So there is nothing they can do here the ball is in customers hands.hope you will not be mad at me brother lol.

    2. I get your point now then we have to practice ourselves with solar energy or use of generator cause this problem wan’t end soon and it’s getting worse every day.

    3. u missed the customer ndiamene alibe mages ot agwirise ntchito kuonera ma service awo..olo atagula million of solars for themselves nothin can change unless ukuganiza zot mwina muthu ukagula dstv azikupasaso solar or generator yaulele kk

  10. Go for power preservation(inverter/ ups) or alternative power all together eg solar or gensets

    Why should escom determine your joy or pain??

  11. Why cant u reduce ur subscription,look people are so tired with the load shedding,let me take also this opportunity by asking you that Whats the problem can some one fing if u give us full of what is happening in footbal on Go tv,plz we need full premier leaque matches not only on saturdays no no no.

  12. There are many business loosing business and going bankrupt because of escom. I am not sure on the legality if you can sue a monopoly power provider. I bet there are lawyers out there that would be able to advise.

  13. Intertenment kiks out stress but blackout is gicing us limitation

  14. a multichoice ndiakuba..zomwe anatibera zija ikudya ndi mbava inzake ESCOM..apa kuti ziyende jst introduce pay per view bas…y pay for a service dat u only hv access fo only 7 dys in a month?

  15. Did you know that Malawi is the highest tax paying country? I mean did you know that the most used word at capital hill is allowance? I mean did you know that Malawi has the most intelligent thieves who steal and get rich without guns? Yes!! Did you know that Malawi is neither developed or developing country? Malawi is the stagnat country. So far,there are only too projects going on in town, and if you look at the trend in which the developmental activities are cruising in this country you are left with no choice but to conclude that this country will develop but not in our lifetime.

  16. SHOULD WE PAY FOR BLACKOUTS OR PAY FOR A VIEW ?? We pay for 30 days duration but we watch may be for 10 days are we benefitting the best is to break till things change but I get worried I miss English premier league and wrestling

  17. Ukazamva kuti company inayake inachotsa mthambi yake mdziko lakuti nkhani zake zimakhala ngati zimenezi. kunako muona illovo,

  18. pano ndikugwiritsa kaye ntchito free to air. zanuzo eee sindikwanitsa. kwathu kuno tikumakhala 36hrs opanda magetsi, nde zomanditchaja chinthu ndisakugwiritsa ntchito zandikwana. pokha mukamagulitsa ngati ma units a magetsi nde ndizayambanso.

  19. MBC pano ndiyomwe timaonera kwinaku kumamverapo nyimbo mpaka azayambe kuyaka,nanga tizionera usiku? Nkumati ma investors abwere, azizagwiritsa ntchito ma batile a durata?

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  21. Now they will know that the ordinary citizens are that these blackouts are indeed affecting the development of the country.

    1. There Is Privity of Cotract between ESCOM and its consumers (households) .Multichoice has, therefore, no right nor obllgation to intervene.Case: Price v.s Easton.A Man owed Price some money.He agreed to work for Easton so that Easton should pay Price on behalf of he man.The work was duly done but Easton faild to pay Price.Price purpoted to sue Easton for the money.It was held by the Court that Price could not recover his money from Easton because he was not a party to the Contract.Multchoice in this case is like price who has no right between ESCOM and its consumers.

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