Electricity tariff hiking excites NASME


…says it will help EGENCO to produce more electricity…

The decision by energy authorities to hike electricity tariffs has been welcomed by the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME).

Last week authorities in the energy sector announced that they have hiked electricity tariffs by 25 percent.

NASME believes the hike will help Escom produce more electricity.

The development follows the purchasing of diesel generators which are being installed in some parts of the country to reduce the pain of blackouts which have become the order of the day.

Authorities in the sector said that the 25 percent hike will cater for buying fuel to run the heavy generators a development which has not impressed most Malawians.

However, despite more complaints on the issue from customers, NASME has hailed authorities from the energy sector for hiking the electricity tariffs.

According to NASME’s National Coordinator William Mwale, this is the only way of improving the country’s electricity generation.

Mwale said EGENCO is meeting several challenges which need to be dealt with accordingly.

“You see the new a adjustment in the electricity power is something to do with cost of fuel and the procuring of the generators and you can agree with me that there is no any other way to stop that, they have to do it.

“From my point of view, I can say ESCOM has got financial crisis but they are hiding and all we need to do as Malawians is to bail them out,” said Mwale.

The NASME national coordinator further added that if the country is to have the electricity all day long, authorities need to ponder on interconnection claiming that is the reliable solution to the blackouts.



  1. Two wrongs cant make a right ,you hike tariffs yet blackouts are the order of the day,why not hang for a while until the black mailing of load shedding normalises .

  2. This is total madness guys which electricity you are talking.there is no electricity here in Malawi.this is theft,please,i told you thesani Mera but you don’t understand.Malawians are on war,the authorities are killing people,domestic things are too expensive are are substandard some of them.Because of electricity.

  3. What kind of audindo are these? kkk coal can cost many money of course but it is more poweful, but bcz all are expart in hiking industrie its bcz presdent has ungainful,not amiable,peccable people what are u bearing in people? think about coal its reliable. People can have hope in u. Upulezident siopweka ngat muthu umakanika kudyetsera ana ako what more entire malawi.

  4. Lol I think it was their plan all along to hike tariffs . If they would’ve done it as it was before these blackouts then surely there would’ve been an outrage from us the poor public but now we will welcome this hike with open arms and legs too we have no choice but to submit due to these blackouts

  5. NASME are brain dead idiots. There is no common sense in their heads in my opinion. When the lake water levels rise…will there be a 25% reduction in power bills? No so where will the extra money be going…where do you think all.escoms money goes? The British built and paid for the hydropower system many many years ago. The Americans have just paid US300m for upgrades to the power distribution system…not ESCOM. So the question where is all the money?

  6. In what way???? You think ENGECO is failing to end these blackouts because of money ..please dont fool yourself ..anyway ndakunvesa because u r from small n medium enterprises so whatever u think obvious it has to be small n medium. Not big at all..

  7. Towards power all day everyday?? Hw many engeneers do thy have? So if its water prblm, not even 1 cn thnk hw to recicle the water using pumps? Getng paid lots of money doing nothng

  8. When I said generators will come with tariff hike people insulted and talk sh*t now don’t complain. If that money used to bought generators was going to buy big solar panels and built a big plant that was going to save. At the same time built more hydro power station like in northern region at lweya river, kasito. Because all these natural resources we don’t buy. But you chose diesel and petrol generators that need money to keep them running that water,sun and coal. Its just a start you will cry until you voice is fade

  9. Kenya
    Effective 1st December
    50% of on any power used between 10pm and 8am by manufacturers.
    Aimed at boosting a 24 hours economy.

  10. first they said no enough water to produce enough electricity secondly they said generators r not powerful enough not they saying they wana use the money from the hiked price

  11. how? munatiuza kuti madzi mu shire ndiochepa ndiye kukweza mtengo zikugwilizana bwanji , kuba basi ndiye kwakula

  12. Is this exciting news? High tariffs will push the production costs which will ultimately affect the end product or service. With this fragile economy who can afford such exorbitant goods and services? I wonder!!!

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