Malawian, Mozambican jailed over pangolin


The Senior Resident Magistrate court sitting in Lilongwe has sentenced a Mozambican and Malawian citizen for being found in possession of a live pangolin at Nsundwe trading centre in the capital city.

The Mozambican has been identified as Habarawo Jyaime, 40, while the Malawian is Joseph Mankhokwe Banda, 35.

MangochiThe state through prosecutor Levison Mangani informed the court that on 17th November, 2017 the convicts were found in possession of a live pangolin at Nsundwe trading centre which they were offering for sale at the price of MK370, 000.

Some well-wishers informed the police who together with Wildlife officers ambushed and arrested the two.

During interrogation, the Mozambican convict revealed that he took the pangolin from Mozambique and later connived with Mankhokwe who works as a maintenance officer at Mchinji Water department to sell the animal.

The two were thereafter charged with two counts; being found in possession of specimen of listed species which contradicts section 86(1) as read with section 110 B (b) of National Parks and Wildlife Amended Act 2017 and offering for sale specimen of listed species contrary to section 86(1) as read with section 110B (d) of National Parks and Wildlife Amended Act 2017.

During court proceedings, the two pleaded guilty to the charges levelled against them.

Senior Resident Magistrate Shyreen Yona sentenced the two to five years imprisonment with hard labour for the first count and another four years for the second count. The two sentences are to run concurrently.

Habarawo Jyraime hails from Mozambique while Joseph Mankhokwe Banda comes from Bvumbwe village, Traditional Authority Kabudula in Lilongwe.

Meanwhile, another Mozambican citizen named Mikaeli Sandalakin, 32, and other two Malawians are on remand at Maula Prison after being found in possession of another live pangolin at Mitundu trading centre on Monday.

The three suspects are answering similar charges and will appear in court on 6th December, 2017.





  1. Its better you write Malawian and mozambican jailed over unknown animals because most of malawians they don’t know this animal.

    1. Yes, I was also amazed when I saw it for the first time. It has scales covering the entire body just like fish but it has four legs, long tail more less like that of crocodile and also its head is similar to that of” mende”, if you know it.

    2. Surprisingly, the animal originated from Mozambique, why should our government arrest them as if they caught it here. May be keeping and selling wild animals in Mozambique is not punishable by law, then how come we convict them.

    1. Kamakhala ngati gulo koma kaphedwa usiku wokha pogwiritsa ntchito torch koma ndikodula heavy oti kamodzi kamafika.20m and above
      Pamenepa ndekuti adalepherana mitengo .

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