Chilima asks Malawians to join hands in ending GBV

Saulos Chilima

Malawi’s vice president Saulos Chilima has asked people in the country to join hands in ending gender based violence.

Chilima was speaking this on Tuesday at the launch of the Oxfam in Malawi campaign on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima: We all need to join hands in ending GBV.

The vice president said he believes that if all Malawians work together to challenge this problem, the country can be made a better place for everyone.

He added that the Government of Malawi will continue to put in place mechanisms in all the sectors to ensure that the legal and strategic frameworks such as the National Plan of Action on Gender Based Violence and the many gender related laws are indeed effectively implemented.

“As government we are pleased that the Oxfam campaign will work at multiple levels as it focuses on transforming socio norms, attitudes and behaviors which are related to violence against women and girls.

“I wish to end by making an appeal to all of us present here that we all need to join hands in ending violence against women and girls. We should be in the forefront to translate our belief into action so that we get the desired change,” said Chilima.

The Veep went on by advising traditional leaders saying as custodians of culture, they are very crucial in ensuring that any harmful cultural practices and negative socio norms in the communities are eradicated.

Chilima added that within what the resources can allow, the Malawi government will explore and ensure that services such as mobile courts are scaled up to deal with gender based violence.



  1. Irony from Chilima…look what blackouts are bringing,women,breast feeding women are sleeping at open ground at maize mill waiting for low voltage power after 28 hrs of there justice for the women and children?…can you erabolate how should we join you to carb #GBV?…

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