Parliament will not be manipulated by mob thinking: Speaker hits at religious leaders on electoral reforms

Richard Msowoya

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya has hit at the clergy following their demands for Parliament to table and pass electoral reforms bills.

The Speaker has said the electroral reforms bills will not be tabled in Parliament during the current sitting,

Richard Msowoya
Msowoya: Electoral reforms bills will not be tabled in the current sitting.

Reacting to demands by the clergy for Parliament to table and pass the bills, the Speaker said it would not be possible to do so during the current sitting.

“There are a number of procedures that the bill go through before being passed in Parliament. The electoral reform bills are yet to pass in such procedures, therefore, will not be tabled in the current sitting,” said Msowoya who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vice president.

When presenting their petition last week,  members of the clergy warned that they will hold protests if the bills are not tabled in Parliament after seven days.

Minister of Justice, Samuel Tembenu  said government is not worried by the clergy’s threats and will only table the bills after all procedures are followed.

“If they want to hold a nationwide demonstration it means they want to exercise their constitutional rights and we shall not stop them,” said Tembenu.



  1. I don’t think Msowoya is our blessing within our political cycles today just like Dpp under Peter.. No any sane politician can tolerate what is going on to our daily lives out of blackouts that are masterminded by poor planning by government??!! Lets pray to God so that this government perish to ashes and thrown into Shire River passing through our electrical generators as a sacrifice and absorbed by great waters of Indian Ocean..

  2. Bravo Mr speaker sir,Our main problem is not electral reforms, but blackouts. Blackouts are creating unemployment, think of barber shop owners. If they have brains, tell them to match for this no

  3. Koma Msowoya mmmm, he is a good speaker

    Ali president sangamasekelere mbwerera. Ngati anamuzuzula Chakwera ku Parliament atayankhula ngati mwana kuli bwanji inu a PAC?

  4. On behalf of the Association of Comment Readers (ACR), I urge you all to make your comments brief and straight to the point.
    We don’t have the time to read the story of your village people.

    Signed: General Secretary ACR.

  5. Msowoya a vry matured person,he z there to work not to plz anyone either mcp nor dpp even pac itself.remember he works under instructions so he cannot jst accept anyting as if he doesnt knw his duties,pac has no mandate to demand pariament on wat to do or not,dnt u knw dat pac z demanding pariament which z against rules of de house.some of u,u think Msowoya z wrong but mind u,dis guy z vry intelligent,if he can accept dis den evry tym they ll b telling de house on wat to table,bravo Msowoya u r not taking any part but discharging ur duties,anyone accusing him z doing dat to fulfill his or her own interest.

  6. PAC losing direction. Acting like apolitical party.Leave the speaker alone he has the prerogative within the law to make ruling on matters in the August house.VIVA MALAWI.

  7. Comrade Richie!! Pliz, i beg u in th name of God 4ua book 2have agood ending table th electrol laws.U’re thre 4Malawians

  8. as much as I know to be a speaker it does mean kuti watuluka mcp but their is some other positions like one his holding sumayang’ana chipani. he is a speaker for all parties in the house and he uses all raws when applicable, ,,, mcp real supporters know this like me

    1. The issue at hand its not Mia its lyk a football team where no player is greater than a team and its the team that puts a player on map. The existence of a team or a political party doesn’t depend on an individual ZANU PF is now without Mugabe and life goes on

  9. Zikatere ndekuti amsowoya mwasara pang’ono kupita mzanu anatero 2014 pano anazima kamba kofusa balance samarani pachita zinthu ndi DPP iyi iribe kuti watinthandiza imazimisa OK tiye nazo azavutika ndi ana ako


  11. There’s is something fishy going on between msowoya and DPP very soon you will hear something about him ditching mcp

  12. Msowoya was credible man in the first place but now he is loosing grounds and this marks his political career even in Karonga this man is not ifluencial at all so let him do whatever but can not change credibility of mcp

  13. The speaker has just made a good move. Pac party and Mcp has been foiled in their plot to oust the president. Ha ha ha ha ha! people are power hungry

  14. When ur own has taken up a fight with a neighbours son do u protect ur son or ur neighbours son?See what will happen and compare with what Hon Msowoyowa is doing He will protect DPP while receiving alot of heavy punches from the opposition and the general public mark my words

  15. got to be procedural yes, not mob thinking influence, a speaker of parliant just trying to be neutral…..i geuss some neutral decision will never go well with some cause of too much politiking

  16. When I saw the strange man coming close to my house, I ran away because I was afraid. Then I stopped to challenge him, I won the fight.

  17. So dpp the 5:1 has made you crazy that you are buying the cheapest people and their cheapest parties as you are buying bonya Ku limbe market???? Kkkkkkk zipani zatchipa eeeeee.aford on their way to dpp .I smell so.

  18. Nsowoya how much havevyou been paid to betray the whole Malawi your family and your grand kids ? Joining dpp which is killing the democracy which the same clergy faulght for in absence of pitala??????? Shame on you

  19. mr speaker sir: ure out of order 4 abusing ur position .,…fighting the cregy on behalf of dpp is asign of a weak man.separate btwn national issue and party issue.. revenging 4 aparty postion that surely now goes to mia,.. mind u its mcp dat made u sp

  20. Speaker has the power to do so, the only problem with we Malawians is that when a speaker is from our beloved party, we expect them to do everything in our favour… That’s not how it goes.. I support him fully

    1. Malawian politics, ndale zogwetsana basi thatsy @53 a nation of over 17+ million people still have 300 MW of electricity generated, how do you expect investors to come in such a sorry state????

    2. The speaker is just doing what is right for the country, not mob thinking from the clergy men and microcephalus pple

    3. This is not the ryt time yomakambilana zimenexo, we have a hot issue like ya magetsi ndiye yofunika kukambilana not za ziii.. Even a Chakwera angakwanitse 50+1 akuikakamilayo????

  21. Its interesting reading the comments of pro-DPP people here. I have two questions though;
    1. If 50+1 is so bad, why not convince the majority through civilised dialogue or parliamentary deliberations on the matter?
    2. If the DPP is so convinced that this cannot pass, why are they afraid to table it?

  22. The people of Malawi had ever been rose, against the state because of arrogance of the president now the people can as well, rise against parliament because of the arrogance of the speaker he has to think before uttering some words he is communicating to Malawians not the clergy

    1. After all the clergy are speaking on behalf of the entire nation and all those who believe in todays democracy coz this government is full of crooks they can even buy the speaker in order for him not to table the bill I can see the strange character that Mr speaker is showing.


  24. Kkkkk mwagenda katauluka akapoli! Look it was too early for sidik mia to buy that position with msowoya knew the motive hence the silence!
    Now he clearly sees why mcp shall remain in the opposition hence a step further before things turn sower.

  25. I Wonder Why DPP Is Fighting Itself.. Full Of Contradictions.

    They Introduced Reforms In Govt Depts And Expect Pple To Implement Them, Yet They Are Denying Electoral Reform.

  26. I Wonder Why DPP Is Fighting Itself.. Full Of Contradictions.

    They Introduced Reforms In Govt Depts And Expect Pple To Implement Them, Yet They Are Denying Electoral Reform.

  27. You want the people to show you the boot, we will march on you Hon. Msowoya, what are you so afraid with electoral reforms, do we no live in the same country?

  28. A speaker awa mundikhulupilire chipani cha MCP chikamapita ku koveshoni akhala atadziwika kuti alowa chipani cha DPP mundikhulupilira

  29. Ask me about Mr. Speaker Sir of his behaviour…. The coming in of Harry Mlekanjala Mkandawire in MCP, is the biggest blow to Richard!! These two were our leaders in PDM.. But when I close my eyes and recall what exactly made our candidate Peter Chihana fail by-election in Rumphi Central constituency where Enock emerged a winner, I don’t know?? But now I guess we had a bad leader who now is the Speaker. John Tembo ran out grace with him in several interventions as a running mate to be.. The reason is what we witness today.. Thinks ever smart while politics is ever dirty. I regret having known him from such a sketchy background.. Let Mia serve our souls…

    1. Kkkkkkkk mob thinking, don’t think 50 +1 will make opposition win, u will regret one day mukufuna kulichosa lamulo ili coz of zero thinking to pass the bill

  30. bcoz msowoya iz mcp ndiye azingopanga zokomera mcp?chimango anali wa mcp koma atauzidwa za sec 65 anati chiyani?osamunyoza kumaganiza muli inuyo. spker iz impartial alwayz dont force him

  31. Mr. Speaker, Sir, if the people of Malawi elect parliamentarians why shouldn’t they have a say in their own affairs? IF YOU WANT MALAWIANS TO GO BY YOUR WORD LET PARLIAMENT ELECT ITSELF FROM NOW ONWARDS.

  32. Msowoya is forgetting that his “Party” Mcp is also on front of this ” Reform Bill”. I don’t know if his ideas come from within his party or he is a disgruntled member of Mcp? If he is, then starting from when? Or he’s caught already with ” Sidik Mia’s fever” of party’s Vice President?

    1. Layman’s thinking, speaker is always neutral, neutral is the duty of a speaker, he is not dpp, he only transact August house business

  33. And now according to today’s major papers, more CSOs have joined PAC on this. Special Law commission is a government mandated body that did the consultations. Be very afraid

  34. Witchcraft is when someone sides with corrupt govt over millions of Malawians on a critical issue like this on the table.

    Richard Msowoya #ABigSellOut.

  35. Zisiyeni zikulire pamodzi.zizaoneka pakututa. Atero Yehova. When people are intoxicated by power, they think they are above God. 2019, tikuotcha nansongole wambiri stating with this speaker.

  36. When Things Gets Tougher, He Will Die Like Munyenyembe. He Has Been Given Millions By Dpp To Frustrate His Own Party. Wadya Zomwezo Bwanawe, 2019 Ugwa Nayo.

    1. #STEVE, iweyo ukuganiza kuti 2019 yake ndi iti? ya 2014?kkkkkk! Man Zimene Zija Za A Mbendela Zinapita. Time Has Marked Fr Change In Malawi. Believe You Me, Wina Afa Ndi Mtima.

    2. Bwana Donnie Elias Banda, musakhale inutu okufa ndi mtima wo, the guy is doing his job and you are there telling him what he should say or do, zalakwika lero because wanena chosemphana ndi inu??

  37. No, no, don’t call him names. That will not change anything. Having said that, let me also add that indeed the speaker appears to be changing, based on his recent utterances and actions. There must a reason for that. Is he reacting to certain specifics in his circumstances? Are these signals a form of coping mechanism? Is he sending coded messages, if so to whom? Is he acting on behalf of someone else, and if so who and what would be his reward? This analysis is not concerned with whether or not he is right or wrong; I’m only interested in what is triggering these impulses from him. I consider him to be a very intelligent man who does not act merely on a whim. I believe it would be more rewarding to examine his motives than calling him names.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if these clergy men have brains, every bill has to pass several procedures as already alluded to, what’s so special with this bill to jump and just passed

    2. Kungoti enanu simukudziwa kuti Malawi walero si wadzana. Anthu pano akumapanga zomwe akufuna. Chikuwopya ndichani kupititsa bill imeneyi kuti akambirane???? Mudzawona zomwe adawona Mugabe.

  38. father mulomole ndianzawo anayiwala nchito yawo moti azitiuza mawu amulungu ayamba ndale.holly gost fire to all park members kwambi mulomole ndikulongola kwake koyiwala tchito yambuye fire.

  39. Hey everybody,zina ukamva umagwidwa phwete mpaka kuphwisidwa nazo,ka dziko kabang’ono,anthu ake achuluka ampwesa, PAC kodi 50+1 mukuyifuna apa yi in time of election how many political parties filled their candidates?,obviously rerun of election has to emerge if this bill is gazetted, tsono ndalama zake zimenezi za ma donors angatipatsenso ndalama zonjera kuti tipange election ya chibwereza?Apatu a PAC mukuthandiza mafumu kuledzera,MR SPEAKER I SECOND YOUR SENTIMENTS, YOU PUT THE HOUSE TO ORDER DESPITE OF YOUR POLITICAL AFFILIATION, LONG LIVE MALAWI, LONG LIVE GENUINE DEMOCRACY

    1. Damage cannot be redeemed with another damage, mwatani kodi anthu inu,mukufuna kulimaliza dziko chifukwa ena akuba?

    2. Siyani kuba ndalama mu boma. Lack of funds should be the last excuse for not implementing these reforms. Koma 50+1 yakumvetsani kuwawa…kuzolowela kuwina through tribal votes.

    3. Palibe chipani chimene chingapeze 50+1,MCP singapeze 50+1 chifukwa ya mangana pa Central pokha,DPP Singapezenso 50+1 chifukwa yamangana ku m’mwela,olo titabwereza zisankho katatu vuto ndiloti tikakhala pa FB mkumanamizana, tingoona ngat akumudzinso ali pa FB, taiwala kuti zisankho za ku Africa ndi zamitundu

    4. Juao, iam saying that 50+1 it’s not tabled in parliament at the right time, and also inuyo ngati mmalikonda dziko lanu mungavomereze extra expenditures in rerun of this elections pertaining its nature,

    5. Steve Thamanda, zikuonetsa kuti simukizitsata bwino nkhanizi. Fufuzani kaye, mwinanso pamene simukumvetsa mutha kumafunsa kuti ozitsatawo akumasulireni.

  40. The speaker might be right here some of us don’t really understand the 50+1 animal even the DPP is panicking as am saying now the govt is on market buying goats

  41. Amalawi Ndale Tiyeni Tizisiye Apo!! Tisamangowombera Mmanja Chilichonse Ndizopanda Mutu Zomwe.. Zomwe A Pac Akupangazi Malawi Is Far From 50+1..
    How Can It Be Pocbo Presidential Candidents Are 12 And They Would Share The Same 100% How Pocbo Will It Be Among 12 Presidential Candidents.. Please To All Cregys Lalikirani Za Ufumu Wa Mulungu Dont Be Fooled By Politicians..

    1. Achimwene this system is possible….if none of the candidates gets above 50% then only the top two compete in the second round. Its working elsewhere….any party opposed to this is an indication that it relies on regional votes. I say a BIG NO to minority Governments and I.fully support PAC.

    2. Go To Hell With Ur Pac… Should Spread The Gospel Of God And The Salvation..

      Malawi Is The Poorest Country In The World.. Let America Do That..

      Ndalama Zopemphesa Zomwe Muzipanga Zisankha Two Consectv?

      Point Of Correction Malawi Is Not A Minority Gvment!! Since When?! And Za Electral Reform Zikugwirizana Bwanji Ndi Governing System?!

    3. A Pac asowa chochita,kuganiza kwao nkopusa zedi.Parliament has its own procedures,let the parliamentarians work .Zakukanikani ku mpingo kwanu nde mukuti chiyani apa?Mukuona ngati boma ndi lophweka kuyendesa?A Pac mukuganizatu mopusa ngati nzanu uja,ujayo chipani chake chikumaba madziyu!


    5. Bone Ndiwe Wovunda Mmaganizidwe.. Coz U Have No Right 2 Tell Me That I Should Be Silent.. I Have Right To Express My Opinions..

      Why Dint U Shut Up Ur Good For Nothing..M….Th…..!


    6. What I Mean Is Pac Should Organise National Wide Prayers For Problems Is Facing Like Killings Of People On Suspects Of Being Bloodsucker And Several Problems Eg Accidents Rather Than Organision Demonstration For Nothing Which Wont Benefit Oldnary Malawians..

      Spread The Gospel Not Mobilising People Demonstrate For Nothing!!! We Need Peace In Malawi!


  42. electoral reform will not let people baptized

    what people want to hear from you is totally different to what you do
    why u look like you are horny for leadership
    Satan was also doing like that in heaven n the results are known by everyone
    get home n relax n talk about salvation and selfishness

    ana anjoka inu

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