Man jailed for stealing K350,000 worth of items


Nanyumbu Magistrate Court in Machinga on Thursday sentenced a 24-Year-old man to four years in prison for stealing items worth K350,000 items.

The convict has been identified as Joseph Macheso.

MangochiAccording to Machinga Police Public Relations Officer Constable Davie Sulumba,  during the night of November 19 this year Macheso broke into a house and stole a motorcycle and an expand containing assorted items, all worth  K350,000

The owner of the house noted the theft in the early hours of 20 November and he started following the tyre marks of the motorcycle which led to the house of the convict.

“After seeing that the tyre marks ended at Macheso’s house, the house owner reported the matter to Chikweo community policing   who accompanied him to the house of the convict,” he explained.

When the thief saw the police, he started running away but the law enforcers managed to   apprehend him.

After a search at the house, police recovered the motorcycle and the bag.

The thief was taken to Chikweo police unit and charged with burglary and two counts of theft.

In court Macheso pleaded guilty to all three counts and was convicted.

Second Grade Magistrate Maxwell Boazi sentenced the convict to 50 months, 30 months and 10 months for burglary, theft of motorcycle and theft of bag respectively.

He said all sentences will run concurrently which means the convict will spend 50 months in prison.

Joseph Macheso hails from M’bwawa Village, Traditional Authority Chikweo in Machinga district.



  1. So someone who steals merchandise worthy K350,000 has been slapped with 4 years. And on the other hand someone stole billions of kwachas meant for drugs in the hospitals and so so is a free bird: The case of Malawi and the whole world

  2. I don’t think ma judge adzapulumuka oba khuku akuti ena atengerepo phuziro koma 577 billion, maize-gate no phuziro why

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