Community of Saint Egidio spoils Mulanje prison inmates

Mulanje Prison
Mulanje prison inmate receiving gifts.

Being touched with the Gospel of Mathews that says “I was in prison and you never visited me”, Community of Saint Egidio members on Saturday extended their helping hand to Mulanje Prison as part of their charity work.

The inmates were given assorted items and had delicious meal for lunch that was prepared by the members of the community.

Speaking during the interaction with the inmates, Coordinator for the Community of Saint Egidio Keegan Mwanguku gave hope to the inmates through his speech saying the members are to continue supporting prisoners with spiritual life.

Mwanguku added that Community recognized its role to help people that are in need of help hence the gesture.

While commending the gesture, Station Office for Mulanje prison Superintendent Charles Nyangu appealed for more support from other well-wishers saying the Prison has a lot of challenges that are rocking its operations.

“The gesture has proved their kind heart that these members have, on behalf of management of this prison we really appreciate what they have done for us,” said Nyangu.

Among the gifts that the Community of Saint Egidio donated include plates, soap and sanitary pads for female inmates.

Mulanje prison has 468 inmates exceeding the maximum capacity of 250 prisoners. Out of the 468, 13 are female inmates.