MDF soldiers advised against imitating Zimbabwean Army

Malawi Army Parade
 While the military in Zimbabwe are getting praise and five star rating all over the world for successfully kicking President Robert Mugabe out of office, the Malawi army has been advised to stay out of politics and to respect office of the President.
Malawi Army Parade
Mutharika presided over the ceremony

Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Commander, General Griffin Supuni-Phiri has warned that any Malawi army officer meddling in politics will be kicked out of the armed forces.

“We do not do politics here. Always obey the command of elected authorities” advised General Supuni-Phiri during the commissioning and passing-out parade of 14 officer cadets and 1,462 soldiers  at Malawi Armed Forces College (MAFCO) in Salima.

“Leave politics to the politicians. You are only answerable to the president and the people of Malawi. The Army is not a place to advance selfish or political motives” he emphasized.

General Supuni-Phiri’s sentiments have been interpreted by our senior analyst as an assurance to President Mutharika who presided over the event that Malawi will not experience what happened in Zimbabwe where the armed officers successfully staged a coup to oust President Robert Mugabe from office.

“The General issued those comments to assure President Mutharika whose public rating is nosediving that he has the blessing of the armed forces”  Williams Simango told Malawi24.



  1. ZDF has done a thing that the civilians failed to do for many year,nd look they leave evrything in the hands of politicians now most of Zimbabweans r cerebrating for the downfall of baba mugabe,nd now ihope it will be alesson to all leaders that if they fail to gorvrrn one way or the other the cormofrage personnel’s will enterven for the sake of politicians nd civilians be ware,ndangodusamo

  2. Nde azimai azichita kumakagona kuzigayo ndicholinga… magesi akabwela ka 3hrs akhale atagaisa nawo za usilu ~ akuthothole ka nthawi kena.

  3. A sitikali asakupusitseni ameneyu.ndiofunika mumulande udindo ameneyu palibe chimene akuchita koma kuononga malawi bola nthawi ya muluzi zithu zinali bwino

  4. MDF commander already shown that he is a politician by talking of dealing wth any conflict makers by real sense; anyone opposes govt….. they must go to Karonga and secure our lake and leave policing work to Malawi police

  5. Let them DO the SAME Zimbabwe style.
    May be we can recover donor money in houses of these thieves.
    Remember how ACB recovered Millions in Chaponda’s house.

  6. Who is giving the MDF this advise,,,,,? And why advising the solders as if they don’t even know where and when to act on critical issues…? If our solders are true solders, they can’t take this advise and remain solders, you know what I mean

  7. Our soldiers are mature enough,they dont depend on advice from someone else,rather do what can help malawians and the country.go go go mdf go

  8. MDF plz dont listen to the we your people we might need u any time in December. if there is no change plz b there for us

  9. Mavuto awa akudza chifukwa chanyengo,wosati magetsi akuzima kambakoti president watseka mvula kuti isagwe ayi,nthawizina tizitha kumawona ndikuvomeleza kuti vuto ili Malawi sangaligonjetse pokhapokha madzi atakhala wokwanila mumtsinje wa Shire.Malawi ndiwathu tiyeni tilimbikitse chikondi ndipo tidzapambana kudzera muchikondi momwemo.

  10. Asipuni phiti mutu kukulako akupasani zingati apeter ukuononga ziko chifukwa iweyo walandila ndalama za corruption kuchokera peter wako ndiye Ena azitenga kuti ukuyambisa corruption iweyo zomwe ukulakhulazo apa zaonekera poyera kuti peter sakupanga bwino dziko lathulo nanga bwanji Maiko Ena salakhula motero

  11. We urge you to use any law amicably to save people of serve the interest of Malawians,

    This country is ours and you soldiers are Malawians to liberate the nation if necessary

  12. Aaaaa stupidity is in our mind they hav the right to fight for the people we r suffering here n u r busy talking nonsense we gonna take u out just wait n c

  13. Why soldiers are casting votes? which means they got theirs choices if their choice is being oppressed they can act as every citizens does don’t fool them

  14. Don’t intemidate our soldiers they know what’s wrong and what’s good, they were just don’t know where to start Zim soldiers has open their minds now they can act

  15. They should do the same like Zimbabwe soldiers did, then arrest all those misuse government money we are tired of the thieves

  16. Mugabe was a dictator who didn’t want any opposition. No voting fairly here we vote it is a democratic country. 2019 we will vote for who we want. Zimbabwe was not like that.

  17. ZDF yamuwonela Mugabe kuti wakalamba ndi chifukwa chake sanavute anango kwapasa udindowo kuti apange zimene akufuna, ndiye ZDF asamazipope.

  18. Fortunately here in Zimbabwe we are happy for way the army did and so sure if ocialmand economic rights of fellow Malawias are trampled on even junior soldiers will stage a coup and remove the Mutharika dynasty,these leaders should know that if we are over pushed into the corner and become a punch bag we will be left with no choice but to retaliate heavily,Zimbabwe can’t celebrate whilst Achimwènye is suffering

  19. I think the words in the statement are was supposed to be “Stay out of politics Leave the Office of the President to thieves! “

  20. kkkkkkk cowards!!!!!!! What are u afraid of? Get life my dear!!!!!!! What u are doing gonna haunt u forever. Malawi since creation we have never had situation like this.

  21. Kamuzu anatipusitsa… Tikumakhala 2 days opanda magetsi koma still kumangosekelera ….. Mzuzu , Lilongwe ndi Bt tiyeni tigwilizane tiwapatse mphunziro..

  22. Guys…. Ife a malawi ntulo kwambiri….we are in bad situation right now,taonani economy , magetsi ndiye osanenapo…..let’s unite and mobilise demonstrate that we are not fools…. Tikaoche escom ku mzuzu Lilongwe ndi Blantyre …

  23. so us south Africans we must take out Zuma and all the foreigners must go back to their own place. please people go back were you belong

  24. whatever the ZDF did was within their jurisdiction which is conferred in the constitution. unless your advice is that when there is a total constitution break down the men of camouflage should not intervene? The ZDF did the most professional thing living the citizenry smiling… You don’t tell that’s a bad thing…

  25. APM do’nt think that MDF its your political party this guys there there to protact the malawian not only you MR president just do the rite thing for this nation then you will not gonna see what mugabe see and do’nt forget that MDF there not your politicians freinds they can kick you out if you do the wrong thing to this country watch out MR .

  26. “A dancer is part of the audience or group”.MDF soldiers should not be told what to do,if political leaders are failing to do the walfare of Malawians,them too are suffering,their brothers and sisters follow suit

  27. Mind u.. there was no house breaking or enen no single car was smashed…malawi should learn from that…

  28. Msilikali olikonda dziko lake sangasekelele anthu amdzikolo akulilira kuutsi chifukwa chamunthu mmodzi. Dziko ndi anthu ndiye tanthauzo lake. Asilikali eni eni amatchinjiliza mzika zadziko lawo osati kukateza anthu ku DRC ndiye kuthamanga kamba kofuna ma allowance. Kumakonza pakhomo kenako mkumapita kutchireko komano mzika zikusimba lokoma.

  29. Mdf is dis organised they can protect its citizen nkhani yama albino sadaonekepo n now blood sucker they excuse themsef that they were busy guarding the forest while albinos were killed like chickens now do u think they can intervine in bwampini poor governance?

  30. Coup him,is scared already if u flop bigboy army will intervene,then u will take your degreez n manouver,armies are getting fedup with u politicians destroying the nations

  31. Mzika Za Malawi Zilipamavuto Aaakulu Kwambili Kuthawa Nyumba Kukagona Panja Kuwopa Opopa Magaz!MDF imabwela kuzawatizimula kuwakakamiza kut agone nyumba then anamapopa azapope bwinoi

  32. MDF’s mandate is to protect citizens,and that “PROTECTION” is broad,it covers everything including sufferings citizens face as a result of poor leadership and state resource mismanagement…

  33. Ngati ku Office’ko kuli dzibwana pali kunyengelerana tonse ndi a Malawi tisamadyerane masuku pa mutu….Kubvumbulutsana basi nkuona zina…

  34. country falling apart,we only getting two hours of electricity every 48hrs but our government wont take offers other people give us to end this crisis,kwacha we no longer complain,devaluation is something we copying with very well.why won’t peoples complaints be taken to consideration?..Malawi is falling,we as Malawians must speakup and be heard.

    1. I agree with u but wat i know about us we have too much respect to this government n it’s stupid leadership I think this is tym to open our eyes n see where our country is going coz things now is very bad I don’t think a President who wish Malawians good can do wat this Nachipanti is doing in our country wat he forget is that his not a Malawian coz Malawians were not heartless like this idiot

    2. he thinkx we are his toys God is watching n the thunder that will strike him is still warming up my fellow malawianx

  35. At this rate m sorry for yu my Malawian brothers n sisters , yu are going to be in for the long haul , thank God our PRAYERS were answered here in Zim ,, 10* star ratings to our ZDF

  36. Mwadziwe Ayao asilikali a ku Malawi amadyanawo beef akupita ku piece keeping or mwezi wath akugula okha not boma kuwapatsa,amkadya beef kuli Dr H Kamuzu Banda,palibe angatsutse izi.

  37. Interesting… General supuni phiri says”you are only answerable to the president and the people of malawi. “Meaning if the peoples wish is to remove the president when they feel hes not functional., then the army should raise to rhe wish of the people.

  38. Koma ndizoona monga President Robert Mugabe sanakayenela kumuchotsa njira ngati imenei ai munthui ndamene wamenyela ufulu mazimbabwe koma lero ndiopa pano koma patsogolo azamukumbukira Robert Mugabe.

    1. Ine ndikufutsa liti anatsia unakanandiudza kuti pakati pa iye Mugabe ndi wachiwili wake panalibe gwilizano ndikanakumvetsa andi pambuo pake anthu ndi atsilikali sizinawatsangalatseso

    2. Kim Makwete
      Next time when writing us don’t forget your brains please I beg you in the name of Jesus and all his Disciples.

  39. Kukhala msilikali ku Malawi Ndiye choopsezela mMalawi sikuteteza mMalawi. Kuteteza dziko sikuti kulimbana ndi adani odzalanda nyanja ai. Imvani chisoni ndikuona chilungamo. Atsogoleri amapanga zamtudzu podziwa kuti asilikali awaponyela beef basi sakumbukila zoti azigogo awo zinthu sizilibwino kumakuka. Kukhala msilikali nde mowa mumwe waulere chilichonse kupangila kuopseza abale anu ozilimbikila okha koma inu zovala, zakudya ndi pogona paulere kumangopondeleza Malawi.

  40. ZDF is a genuine professional army that cares not just for the head of state but also the ordinary people unlike the Malawi army which is good at beating charcoal sellers and guarding forests.

  41. How long did ZDF waited before they organise the coup? Do you think MDF will just wake-up on Monday morning then to organise the coup?First they will start secret meeting from top blast of MDF & MP.Later to see if they won’t get abig bonus & if the boss chief commander is not he’s not there favour.Malawian stop Pirates please

  42. ZDF have kindness treatment for their people. You can’t find Zim soldier beating fellow Zim citizen because of his position. That’s why they did that for their people. And Zim people they do respect to their Soldiers . 50/50 Situation . Zim soldiers keep kindness rolling.

  43. Hahaaa pitala wayamba mantha, akutibula ukamapanga zopusa uwona. IMA Kaye ndikambila ndi supuni kuti tikubandule unye

  44. ‘Galu Wamkota Sakandira Pa Chabe’
    akuopa chani?

    Unfortunately,MDF siidziwa udindo wawo.amaona ngati kulanda makala,kulondera nkhalango,kupempha mowa m’ma bar ndi zimene ayenera kuchita.
    wait a minute,i dont know how effective they are untill i see them fighting.mwatsoka lake amamenyaso mzika zinzawo zomwe.very pathetic.

    1. Vuto lake mumafuna kulowa usilikari koma timisinkhu tanu tatifupi ngati manyi ampwerere zinakuvutani!! Mukhala choncho mpaka mukalamba

    2. Its so sad that, timalankhula motumbwa kunyoza asilikali athu, yet tikugona mwa peace coz of them…manyazi agwire olankhula monyoza, palibe munthu amafunila banja lake zooipa.

    3. Ndani amene amagona bwino chifukwa cha asilikali?? Mbavazi?ntchito kupempha bax,kupempha kwakenso kumachita kukuophyeza ngati anakusungitsa

    4. l appreciate ntchito yomwe amagwila azibambowa koma achepetsa kumatilanda bhawas ngati alibe ndalama aaa mu pub kumakhala ndimalo ukakhalapo makofi koma abale ufulu ukadali kutali

  45. so they know that they deserve the Zimbabwe way. can’t our MDF do likewise with BOSCOM?…just 4 a start.




  47. ZDF Thinks for the people of Zimbabwe not for themselves. Thanks ZDF Soldiers that’s humanity if you see majority cries about one man that is the answer not be happy because you are leaving for free while others not.

  48. This is a laughing matter.kkkkkkkkkk. .just give us electricity with good rates. A good statesman will give needs to his pple

    1. May be u did’nt read and understand the article open ur data and read it thoroughly.Dont coment contrally to the topic

  49. My Army did this already with General Odilo when they protected Joyce Banda from the Midnight 6. You remember?

    1. And they did the same when they disbanded paramillitary wing of Kamuzu Banda’s Young pioneer, nicknamed Operation bwezani,

    2. The MDF knows its responsibility to the nation and they act when there is a dire need. Amene mumadereranu tayesani kulowa m’tchire muone m’mene chitedze chikakuyabwireni ngati simulira chakwanu

    3. With the current general the Zimbabwe affair can’t happen in Malawi! Mwayiwala how and how many pipo he jumped to become general? Nanga ndi wantundu wanji? So search my heart! He rose like ngongoliwa

  50. If you thoroughly read this article, you’ll understand and give a deep thought into this matter, you’ll have no option than to agree that the issue is similar to what might have happened or occurred or even a resemblance of something that will definitely elude a mere human prowess and finally come into conclusion that I have nothing to say…. I’m sorry for wasting your time. 🙂

    1. And I like how you have fusioned the characters lol???… your ‘they’ in the sentence is a keyholder to win an arguement though kkkk Harry Manyamba

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