New MDF soldiers told to be professional

President Peter Mutharika has urged new Malawi Defence Force (MDF) recruits to be professional in line of their duty.

Mutharika made the call at the commissioning of the officer cadets and pass out parade of army recruits at Malawi Armed Forces College (Mafco) in Salima district.

Mutharika: The military is a very rewarding career.

In his remarks, Mutharika said soldiers are true patriots of the country and are always supposed to conduct their duties in professional manner.

“Your country has invested so much hope in you. Now you are our hope. We expect you to be professional, disciplined and hardworking.

“The military is a very rewarding career. But the rewards of this profession are for those who are patient. Every success requires patience and perseverance. As we say, patience is a virtue. You get to your destination by walking every footstep of the path,” he said.

Malawi’s head of state noted that the soldiers will boost the country’s defence capability and increase Malawi’s capacity to uphold its sovereign and territorial integrity.

Mutharika urged them to be disciplined and to use proper channels when they feel aggrieved.

He then promised that government will construct houses for security officers including soldiers from January next year.

“I am aware that housing remains a challenge. This is a challenge in in the Army, Police, Immigration and Prisons service – all the four security services. We will deal with this problem.

“Most of you remember that I once promised to build 10,000 houses for our defence and security officers. I am pleased to announce that the project will be launched this coming January,” he said.

During the function, 14 Officer Cadets were commissioned and 1462 recruits graduated from the military college, 220 of the army recruits are females.

Recently, 22 Malawi Defence Force soldiers, 19 of whom were recruits, died following a fatal accident in Mzimba district where the IVECO truck they were travelling in overturned.

Two of the soldiers who sustained injuries are still admitted at Mzuzu Central Hospital.



  1. ndi president wakumalawi amene amakasegulira mseu,chipatala,ngati kwamangidwa secondary ndizina zotero koma sindinavepo mayiko azathu president kumakhala busy ndizimenezi yoooo

  2. If I was a President I would have done this pass out in silence, it is with this squad that we have lost 22 soldiers and cerebrating it like this will not only remind relatives but also bringing in how they have lost their relatives , it is if I was the president I would command all media not to mention of this celebration. To me it is not squad to celebrate.

    1. me too uku ndi kupusa chabe hw can they celebrate while we are mourning our relatives? zonkhudza Mamuna wanga waz involved in that accident. Akudziwapo kanthu . My hubby RIP

  3. Tapitan uko mukatenge nyanja yathu atilanda, koma kuzunza ma civilian..kulowa usilikali mpaka kupanga retire osalawako nkhondo

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