Indian national arrested for killing pedestrian


Police in Mzuzu on Friday arrested a 34-year-old Indian national for causing death of a man aged 26.

The accident occurred on Friday in the city.

ArrestedMzuzu Police Station Public Relations Officer Martin Bwanali identified the driver as Salim Safi and the victim as Moffat Chawinga.

Bwanali said Safi was driving a Toyota Voxy registration number RU 5507 from Clock Tower roundabout heading to High Court roundabout in the city.

Safi then plowed into Chawinga who was crossing the road from one side to the other side where he had parked his vehicle.

Chawinga was rushed to Mzuzu Central Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Medical report at the said hospital indicates internal injuries as the cause of death.

Police investigations have revealed that the suspect was speeding.

The deceased Moffat Chawinga hailed from Thanila village, T/A Katumbi in Rumphi district.




  1. Ngozi ndi ngozi basi amalawi okhaokha amagundanaso pa nseu mpaka kufa kumene, osamayang’anira khungu nkafuna kuweruza.

  2. how many here follow road safty and rules??? i guess most here they drink and drive so when pointing fingers on others look the rest fingers r pointing at you.. make sure ur hands r also clean before pointing someone.. its a accident not a murder.

  3. Some people are saying live in prisonnment… Why? Brothers acceindent can come to any body, no matter any country u come from…. Pls let’s do things accordingly nd do the right things, so sorry for the families of the lost one, very painful

  4. These guys are really careless when driving. They need to be given deterinh punishments plz. They think they can buy life with their money

    • My friend I know what am saying and have been on the road more than often. Indians are really careless by the meaning of the word.Here I mean the majority of them are. And they become agressive even when they are in the wrong.

  5. Malawi24 please be professional.. just to sell your news an accident becomes murder.. it’s like giving Malawians a kind of impression that Indians are killing Malawians.. please stop this profit making news and rather give the right news or information to Malawians…

  6. What a pathetic reporting.n people in comments plz be fair okie.if he is an indian then what.N this Silliness of “malawi is not thiers” .Its jst a sick mind s reflection.U must know how many african s are in india for education fpr treatment for business.ur frmr president studied in india so stop being a sick minded and Racist.M not india but its totally unfair how people talk its like born malawian dnt have accidents.For God s sake it ws an accident m sure ge didnt intend to kill.If india or pakistanies or any foreinger have an accodent it must be treated as accident.If we all are law abiding citizens so take it easy.Malawi is a wonderfull wonderfull country with wonderfull people.So lets keep it that way.thank u.

    • At de beginning ur sound so bad inductive, pls use manner of approach nd expressed ur feelings not dat way. But finally u talk well.

    • My apology Mr Prince Obilo. But its jst strange how some people are just too fast to pass the judgment.anyway thanks for the correction brother.

    • i know that indian it is his behavior driving carelessly so stop defending that idiot he killed our brother…by the way your grammar sucks!!

    • Exire Kings leave my grammar aside.i dnt agree with u.bcz if he he was driving carelessly then he desrve the punishment

    • And read carefully i didnt not defend.what i talkd abt racist Open ir eyes and mind.And U have No right to call someone an idiot.So b4 focusing on my grammar go learn some manners plz

    • Exire Kings i am sorry i dnt know the person.and if u know him and he is careless while driving then he must be punished for his crime.i commented jst cz of some very harsh comments.thats all.if i offended U or any person m extremly sorry for that.God bless

    • Thank u Jones Ronnex Chilomo fpr ir kind words.believe me brother malawi is a amazing country i m from Pakistan i am here almost 10 years.and hve been to other african countries.I feel proud to be a part of this wonderfull country.We as the people we shud blame the system not the people.

    • If Indians were not racist those racist comments would never exist since you guys started it by treating our people as trash ๐Ÿต we are not done with you๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

    • I always hate dose people who gives bad comments, insteed of knowing dat misfortune can happen to anyone! accident can happen to anyone, sp they think thinks like this one can’t happen to them

    • Exire Kings i agree with you.yes i do agree on racist in indians but not all are the same.So take it easy.And this thing of treating malawian bad For this we all need to help change the system.Blve me if system is in order no one can even think of treating anyone bad.not only racsim but alot of problems can be fixed.And “we are not done with you” .i think u being rascist now

    • Instead of saying sorry en filled with pity, and asking God for help that such an accident could be stop doing here they are now busy commenting. badly

    • If indians quit racism this country would be good for all but they cant so its better to play that game too ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    • Am not searching for job to dis man no no no ,but am just agreed with his idea, coz i know dat this things happens en it can happen to everyone. So we as Malawian even our neighbours from outside countries we have to treat each other equarry,

    • Let’s together treating well each other, not considering dat dis one is a foreigner no, if something like accident happen to a foreigners, don’t treat dem badly let’s treat dem as a Malawian let’s love them,we are de same, our creator is one (God) Our God tells us to love one another, as He loves us too,

  7. malawi24 please be professional looks like our government is wasting money on the education department.Do you know the difference between accident and killing? Or is that your media group is just too poor to buy you guys a dictionary

  8. its an accident forgive him consider the penalty.Had t been the situation have diverted to u hw cd u feel if someone comented bad on your incident? tidziganiza zikanatichitikira ifeyo posatengera khungu

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