Man rapes daughter


Police in Neno are keeping in custody a 44-year-old man for raping his 11-year-old biological daughter.

Public relations officer for Neno police station Raphael Kaliati identified the man as Madalo Kasese.

Rape MalawiHe said on the material day the suspect’s wife was attending a village banking meeting within the village leaving behind the victim with her father.

The suspect got some space and called the victim into the house where he raped her.

When the wife came back the victim did not say anything because she was strongly threatened.

After some days, the victim was observed by one woman in the village that she was having problems when walking.

When asked the child narrated the whole story.

The woman then reported the matter to the community social welfare representative who later reported the matter to police.

Madalo Kasese, 44, hails from  village Hiwa, TA Chekucheku in Neno district

He is in police custody pending court where he will answer the charge of incest.



  1. Zikanakhala kuti timapeza mofanana,nkuluyu sakanaganiza zokakhwima
    .koma Bible linanena kuti zimene tili Nazo

  2. Ameneu ndi chikaphonya pa make chili kwa mwana, amai anatalikila kudyela fungo lamake anawa akuyesa zida zotchelatchela chipala chakale amwene no mthubulo

  3. Mdala uyu anaganizanso bwanji mpaka biological daughter he could have just musterbated otherwise he has dug his own grave for sure!!!

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  5. Thats taboo or in other ways its an incest an act of the evil..according to our religious beliefs…and we dnt allow ppo to dpractice thos our community

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